Weekend Recap

Oh Monday! You always come too soon. I am late getting this up because today has just been busy! I had some other blog posts that needed to go up/get written so I am just running a bit behind. I thought I'd recap our weekend. It was low key and just what we needed. It also rained which we were super thankful for. It was so hot last week, so the rain has cooled us down about 20-30 degrees!! Thank you Jesus! This post will be picture heavy, just a forewarning.

We started our weekend off on Friday with a trip to our favorite brewery, Jester King. It is out in the Hill Country. It's gorgeous. They have a pizza place on site and it's awesome too.

Those garlic knots didn't stand a chance. Also, we inhaled the pizza before I could snap a picture. Oops!

Sunglasses: Target (old/similar)

These liveoaks were beautiful at dusk. 

Saturday morning I was up early feeding the pup and just never went back to sleep. I ended up laying in bed, drinking coffee, and catching up on some blog reading. 

I also had this guy keeping watch.

Brunch at Snooze on Saturday morning. They just opened 2 locations in Austin. We first had Snooze in Denver last year so we were super excited to hear they were coming to TX. 

 Yes, we ate ALL of that. I don't even want to know the calorie count. 

I also tried a new Philosophy 2 step mask. My face has been out of control lately with breakouts. I don't wear make up during the week since I work from home so unfortunately I think it is just hormonal. [Insert eye roll]

You start by putting the charcoal mask on all over your face. Then you put the cream on top of it and it turns kind of bubbly/foamy on your face. You leave it on for 3 minutes or so & then scrape it off with the little spatula you see right below those 2 bottles. I like it and think it does resurface a bit. I've done it 3 times in a row as it says you can do that to really detoxify your face. You can use it every other day during the week thereafter. We'll see how it improves over time. 

I ended the weekend with a 9 mile run on Sunday. It was overcast, thank goodness. It did sprinkle on us a little bit which was actually quite nice. Much better than the hellish heat we have been experiencing.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I would love to hear what you did.


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