Today's my Thursday.

Who is getting excited about the Easter weekend? I certainly am. Easter weekend is one of my favorites not only for all the candy and blooming flowers and beautifully colored Easter best, but what it means for us as Christians. For that, I am SO thankful.

My company gives us Good Friday off every year which is such a special treat. I look forward to it every year. Tomorrow night, (the real Thursday), B and I are going to the Austin rodeo and fair. I am SO excited. I have a dress I bought over Christmas that is very...Texas...if I do say so myself. So I'll have that on + boots + big Texas hair.

We also get to see Eli Young Band tomorrow night so it will be super fun! AND Friday off...this girl is EXCITED. I'll be sure to post pictures for y'all next week.

I just purchased this Aztec Secret Healing Clay through Amazon and it arrived today. 
Thanks Amazon Prime! 
 I was super excited to try it and had some apple cider vinegar on hand already to mix it with. I kept it on my face for probably 20-25 mins. It definitely dried and got pretty tight. I felt like my face was definitely smoother afterwards. It was a bit dry because the clay + vinegar together act to pull out all the impurities in your skin. I am going to try this mask once a week and see how it does. My skin has always been problematic so I will do whatever it takes. And you can't beat the price!

Have any of y'all ever used it?

I have started back running. I used to hate it and now I am starting to crave it. I might just be crazy. I am using the Map My Run app and LOVE IT. It's super easy to use, allows you to sync in your music, and also offers challenges as well. Are any of you on it? If so, find me on there. My user name is Haley Marozas. I will also say having friends on it is definitely a push to run, run faster, or run longer. Some people might think that's vain, but I think it is GREAT motivation.

Pretty much...

Hope y'all are having a great Wednesday! 
This post was random but hope you enjoyed!



Wednesday Where Abouts: Waco!

So this post is a bit delayed seen as how we visited Waco over the Christmas holiday but nonetheless, I wanted to share for y'all! And let's be real here...there's only one reason I went to Waco...to check out Magnolia Market!!! If you aren't sure what Magnolia Market is, google it or just watch Fixer Upper on HGTV. I love love love Jo and Chip. Everything they do is beautiful and totally my style. 

Here are a few pictures from our quick trip there. 

The Silos!! 
All the feels, y'all! They are in the heart of downtown old Waco 
and they. are. stunning!

They had this cute old timey jeep like car with a Christmas tree strapped on top parked right under the silos. 

 The store itself

In between downpours! 
I didn't get to shoot a lot of the outside which is really so pretty because a HORRIBLE store came up out of nowhere.

Up close & personal.
I am thinking about sending this picture to Framebridge to have them frame! 

Unfortunately, a Joanna & Chip siting did not happen but I did ask. I think they are the neatest couple and just totally down to earth from what you see on tv. And Chip, his goofiness is so attractive. Hope y'all enjoyed these. Have you been to Waco?? I am dying to go back when it's pretty out. 



Tuesday Treasures!

I thought I'd share a few items I have gotten lately that I am loving!

Let's just jump right in shall we?!

 This Burt's Bees lipstick is SO pretty on. The color is called "Fuchsia Flood." I am loving it for spring & summer. It also feels so good on your lips. They have many different colors to choose from.

I also picked up two new nail polishes recently as well. Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure in "Dark Hue-mor." It is a navy which I think you can TOTALLY rock in the spring. I just painted it on and am loving it. It's very glossy and just looks so chic.

The other is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in "Pink Stiletto." Y'all. Go buy it right now. 
And I usually use this top coat.

Lastly, I LOVE plain t-shirts. Just throwing them on with jean shorts or white jeans or WHATEVER...they're just so easy. I got these from Target in 5 colors. Yes, 5 (Bali Pink, Bright Blue, Superb Yellow, Navy, & White). They are the Merona Vintage Vee Tee, and I just love them. I will say the Bright Blue color I would consider more of a periwinkle but pretty nonetheless. And, you can't beat a $9.00 price. And they are BOGO 50% right now too I believe.

I picked these up today...y'all I cannot WAIT to wear with white skinnies and maybe when my legs get some sun, some cute shorts too! These would totally work for now and then places where the fall is very mild, um HELLO TEXAS!

Hope y'all are having a fantastic Tuesday. 
Hump Day tomorrow!!!
 Let me know some of your recent purchases.




What We've Been Up To...

I feel like B & I have done nothing but brunch lately. Do I hate it? ...absolutely not. This will be a picture heavy post, but who doesn't love pictures?!

Lots of happy hour walks in our apartment complex & off leash play for the pup.

 Seriously, is he not the cutest?

Like I said, brunches have been our thing lately. Probably not the best for our waist lines.
AMAZING brunch at Banger's on Raine.

*Note: If you want to hit up their Sunday Brunch, get there no later than 10:10AM. Pretty specific huh? That's about the time we got there and the line was out of control right after...spilling onto the street. They open at 10 if that gives you an idea.

With my "Man-Mosa"...so big you are only allowed 1.

This was our appetizer...traditional brat with homemade kraut and stone ground mustard. 
{insert drool}

I had the Banger's Benny which is "Braised pork belly, poached egg, & hollandaise sauce on an English muffin, topped with chipotle dusted shoestring potatoes."

 B had the Corned Beef Hash described as "Six day house-cured angus brisket, herb roasted potatoes, poblano peppers, onions, kale, & cherry tomatoes, topped w/ hollandaise and two poached eggs"

Their beer selection is on point. B was in heaven considering he is a beer snob.

All their sausages are made in house. Just check out their menu!

Taps on Taps!

Glad to be back to posting. If you want to see more of our adventures around Austin, do follow me on snapchat: @haleymarozas OR on Instagra: @haleysmarozas

Happy Monday y'all! & HOORAY for more daylight....even if loosing that hour was tough on us all.


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