Moroccan Oil

Hey y'all! Long time no talk. I hope y'all have been doing well.

I am not a "hair" person. The definition of a "hair person" is Miss Pink Lou Lou. Y'all need to check this girl out! {Her blog is fab and her closet/poof parlor/pug hang out is TOO. DIE. FOR.}

I am sure she knows about this product. She knows everything when it comes hair products.  But have y'all tried MoroccanOil? It is fabulous. Not only is it for your hair, but you can use it as a makeup remover! Double whammy. And it smells divine. I just love it. I use it once I get out the shower, have towel dried my hair, and combed it out. It is GREAT. It also keeps your hair from getting knotty while blow-drying.

They have several products. Y'all need to check them out!

So if you don't know, now ya know! Y'all check it out and let me know what you think. OR if you use it, tell me how you use it with your hair!



Together we stand.

Pray for all affected by the mass destruction in OK. It is our duty as fellow Americans to stand and support our American brothers and sisters in any way we can.



Weekend Shenanigans!

We spent the weekend at the lake. It was overcast and a bit chilly on the water on Saturday but it was fun. We fished and hung out on the dock. Sunday, it was raining so we packed up and headed home. Here is our weekend recap in pictures.

Friday night sunset. 

Friday night sunset. Gorg. 

With the FILs.

Before heading to dinner.

NASTY catfish. 

Late night. 


Pot Stirrer

Do any of y'all think that this girl is a pot stirrer on RHOOC?? She gets up in EVERYBODY'S biz...
Especially with things between Tamra & Vicki. Geez.


I think one thing that all people should strive to be in life is humble. I have found a lot of quotes that I like and wanted to share with y'all. I really try my very hardest to be humble. We all have conflicts with it and sometimes are not the most humble. None of us are perfect. 


A work in progress...

One of the reasons we bought our house was because of the screened in porch & the backyard. Gopher, our dog, is very important to us and this was one of the requirements for finding a house. I can't even begin to tell you how much we enjoy our yard. We are probably out in the backyard about 5-6 times a day. Gopher really loves it. He has lots of room to run and chase his tennis balls + chase squirrels/chipmunks.

Our screened in porch was awesome. However, it was lacking some furniture. See below.

We had a hard time biting the bullet to buy patio furniture. Do y'all know how FLIPPING expensive that stuff is?! Good grief. We looked at Target, Lowes, Home Depot...and even Craigslist. Then finally, Lowes brought out some stuff that was affordable. It also doesn't need cushions because it is that comfy. I did buy some outside throw pillows for them though. I need to still find some lumbar pillows for our chairs. We love it all. So without further adieu, here is our new & improved patio. I still want to get some cool string lights & a good rug.

Hope y'all are having an awesome Saturday!


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