Stocking Stuffers for the Ladies!

Happy Cyber Monday!! How did everyone fare over the Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday? We spent our Thanksgiving just the 2 of us and went out for Thanksgiving brunch/lunch. It was actually really nice just being the two of us. No rushing around. No entertaining. No traveling. This will be our last Thanksgiving as the two of us so it was nice to have it as just us.

I thought today I would share some stocking stuffers for the ladies in your life. I really think you can't go wrong with any one these & I know that they will love it. These are all things that I currently have/use and love!!

1. //Invisibobble: Traceless Hair Ring\\ These are GREAT. I have silky/soft hair that also happens to be thin. These keep the pony tail right where it's supposed to be and also keeps all those shorter pieces back too. Another plus...these don't make a crazy dent in your hair when you take it out!

2. //Urban Decay Ultra Nourishing Lip Gloss\\ This lip gloss is wonderful. I have gifted it to a friend & my sister. I have two of the colors and just love them.  I highly suggest the color "Naked" for those that aren't totally sure on what colors the other person wears. It is perfect for everyday. Or dress it up with a darker lip liner.

3. //Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray\\ Who doesn't love volume in their hair? Or for their soft waves to stay all day? This is ALWAYS in my hair. I swear by it to everyone. Ask my friends. It is my holy grail of hair products. The travel size is perfect for putting in their stocking.

4. //Sephora Collection Masks\\ These are great and come in so many different 'flavors.' I personally love these & usually throw a few in my basket whenever I am about to checkout.

5. //Tartlette Tease\\ A personal favorite that will take you from day to night. It is also perfect for travel -- tiny but packed with great colors.

6. //Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils\\ Yes, another lip product. But really it's too good. My personal favorite color is this one...I apologize for the name. Oh and love this one too.

7. //The Wet Brush\\ I have two of these and use them everyday. These are so great...wet OR dry. The wet brush shine is also great too!

8. //Baublebar\\ I love everything Baublebar. Be sure to check out their Cyber Monday Sale!!

9. //Beauty Blenders\\ Need I say more? We could all use one or two extra.

10. //Giftcards\\ Who doesn't love being able to purchase after the holidays and have zero guilt!? Sephora, Ulta, Target, & Nordstrom.

These are all so great to pair together too if you are doing a small gift exchange with your girlfriends. I think everyone would love at least one of these things. Are any of these on your list?

And before I leave you, just passing on from one girl to another...as you online shop this year, be sure to check out eBates. I had always heard of it but am taking full advantage of it this year. Shopping through this site allows you to earn money back. It is free to you...all you have to do is sign up. If you use my link, you'll get $10 for the first $25 you spend. Easy money, ladies!!! The cash back percentage rates do fluctuate so they are definitely not stagnant. Check it out! Promise you won't be disappointed. And now is the perfect time to use this service with all your holiday shopping.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!


Bumpdate: 20 weeks

Sorry for the quality of this picture! I was rushing out the door to my doctor's appointment!

How far along: 20 weeks today 

Due Date: March 22, 2018

Baby is the size of: Banana {Approx 10.1oz & 6.5in long}

Gender: Little Boy! (We call him "Buttons," "Bubs," & "Little dude.")

Name: We have thrown around so many names. Researched the heck out of our family trees. We keep coming back to 2 in particular...and just like I said on the last update, I THINK we have one...we just haven't agreed. This still could change. 

Symptoms: I feel really great. Minus the round ligament pain, everything is good. I am working out 2 days a week. Getting winded so easy isn't fun, but I am glad to know I can keep up for the most part. And unless otherwise directed by my doctor, I will continue to work out as long as I can.

Movement: YES! I felt him at 18 weeks & 2 days. It was SUPER faint, but DEFINITELY not gas. It has only gotten stronger. And it's still the wierdest/coolest thing.

Cravings/Aversions: Sour! Brian found these Haribo Halloween Bats that were sour....SO GOOD. So he bought me two more bags. Add Reese's peanut butter cups to the list too. Also, give me all the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Brian, if you're reading this, get over it! HA! He fussed at me & told me that stuff was crap & that I needed to buy the Annie's brand (organic). Oops! Also, I feel like eating 24/7. Aversions: I don't particularly care for just meat -- particularly red meat. EW! If it's mixed in (for example: tacos, soups, etc) & not the main dish, I'm good. 

Missing anything: Wine, sushi, & feta cheese. I love Greek food so not having feta is killing me.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing right now. Jeans are still fitting albeit a little more snug. 

Nursery: We are probably just going to hold off for now since we will be having so many visitors after the new year. Baby will be in the bassinet in our room anyhow.

Brian's Thoughts: He is super excited. He is a little jealous he can't feel baby yet. Asks lots of questions & likes to read up on our weekly updates from the Bump app.

Looking forward to: Cooler weather...still. It has gotten cool, but we are still having some 80 degree days. Also, looking forward to more movement from little dude. And of course, the HOLIDAYS!

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