Five on Friday -- Fall Staples

Happy Friday y'all! We finally made it. I say 'finally' like it took a long time to get here but in all actuality, this week moved pretty swift for me. I thought I would share some my 5 Fall staples for y'all today. This is not limited to clothes/shoes, mind you.. well maybe just a little bit.

[O N E]

These Old Navy jeans are AMAZING. I just got them in and they come up mid rise which is just enough to suck you in without being total "mom jeans." The color is awesome & they really "sculpt" you like they advertise. I can not wait to wear these with boots!!

[T W O]

I am a big fan of simple tops to throw on and go. Anything that looks good with skinnies + booties gets an A+ in my book. I bought this shirt during the #NSale and I LOVE IT. I really gravitate towards neutral colors because then you can mix and match with anything. The possibilities are endless folks. 

[T H R E E]

Boots & booties. Can you ever get enough? I got these booties recently from none other than Target and they are WAY cute. I wore them with jeans shorts and girllll do they make your legs look long. Love it! Also, I purchased during the #NSale these OTK boots and can't WAIT to wear them when it does get cooler here in Texas.

[F O U R]

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee! I have really gotten into coffee lately & have learned to drink mine black. A. It's way better & B. Creamer is LOADED with calories/sugar. Win Win right? I am not super knowledgeable about coffee, but I feel like I know a good brew when I taste one. My husband wants to get a French press. Do any of y'all use one? How you like it? Any suggestions on which one to get? I have read that glass presses are best.

[F I V E]

SOUP! Who doesn't love a good soup? I know I do. My husband on the other hand is chili or nothing. He loves loves loves chili and would have me make it in the dead of summer but who can honestly eat that in 100 degree heat?! Not me. And I don't believe that all soups have to be heavy like a chili. But the man wants what the man wants. What are some of your favorite soups? I love a good hearty chicken and rice soup with some veggies. Send me your recipes!!

I hope y'all have a great weekend! We are supposed to get more rain so we'll see how it goes.


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