Thursday Beauty Favorites

Happy Thursday everyone! Sorry for the silence on here this week. Work has been busy and a work party on Monday night really did me in for Tuesday...oops! I thought I would share with y'all some of my favorite beauty favorites today.

Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector is awesome. It is SUPER matte. For a girl who is a. very oily & b. lives in the South. This is a must. It's a bit pricey but I have had mine for a while (maybe almost a year?) and I just ran out. You need very little.

I think everyone and their mother has probably heard of or tried the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. Yes it is pricey but it makes your skin feel oh so good! I actually have the mask on now as I write this! For some reason right now my skin is acting crazy and breaking out and also has a couple of rough patches. Like WHAT? I will be 29 on Sunday and you would think I am a hormonal teenager. UGH!

This palette is the ONLY palette I brought on my trip. I swear Tarte does everything fabulous. I grabbed this while standing in line at Sephora one day and it has a great set of colors to carry you through any trip. Really...you can keep it subtle or totally glam it up with just this small palette. Love love love it. I literally use it every day.

Lastly is this mascara by Mac, False Lashes Extreme in Black. I think I originally got a sample in a Nordstrom grab bag and was hooked. It makes your lashes look SO long and SO beautiful. It's a must buy. I have piddly lashes so this really amps them up.

What are your favorite beauty buys right now? I am such a sucker for make up these days and love to try out different stuff. I'd love to hear what you are wearing or have tried and liked. Be sure to leave a comment & let me know. Hope y'all have a great Thursday.


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