Five on Friday!


I am participating in my first link up for 5 on Friday! I follow Natasha at hello! happiness blog and have been reading her link up for a while now and thought it was time to join in. Consider mine a hodge podge if you will. 

1. August is my birthday month!! I will be turning 26. That seems so old but I know it's not. Here are a couple items I wouldn't mind receiving for the Fall...

2. We received 2 response cards yesterday. I am hoping we get some everyday from here on out. Who doesn't like happy mail??

3. My bachelorette weekend is a week away!! I can NOT wait to be out on the beach with my girls!!

4. My running has been getting better. It's still not GREAT but it's better. I did intervals last night and they kicked my a**. Literally. I cramped real bad and had to slow down but continued running. That counts right?

5. It's FRIDAY! I am soooo excited because this week has just been dreadfully slow. 



And they're off!

I'm not talking about horses people. I am talking about WEDDING INVITATIONS! They are in the mail as of Monday! I am freaking just a tad. We have 3 months until the wedding. I am so excited but still feel like there is lots to do. 

 Stuffing party!
Many thanks to B for helping me knock these out!

Off they go!
Check out my calligrapher here.

I will post pictures of the actual invites after a little while. I want my guests to receive them first. 

We were in Charleston this past weekend for a family shower my parents threw for us. I'll post pictures once I get them uploaded from my big camera. 

Hope y'all are having a great week!



If you follow on me on Instagram then you have already seen this. I think it's fabulous.

30 days until Carolina football!!!

Come find me on Instagram at haleystafford.



Engagement Pictures...6 months later!

So I think I totally forgot to show y'all our engagements! It just dawned on me today. Oops! So here are some! Hope y'all enjoy!!

Photos courtesy of: {Sally Freshour Photography}
Sites: Old Village Mount Pleasant, Pitt Street Pharmacy, & Boone Hall Plantation

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