Forever 21

Back a few weeks ago, a Forever 21 opened in Charleston. I had always just browsed their site online because frankly I'm too afraid to buy stuff online with out trying it on first. I never know how things are going to fit. I was so excited a Forever 21 opened up. Today was the first day I went and it did not disappoint. I think I walked around the store 15 times. There is SO MUCH STUFF. I couldn't get over it. I will have to share pictures later. I got a black blazer that has a pinstripe liner. It will look great over a dress or with jeans and heels. I also got a floral skirt, a light pink/white button dress, and a blouse with green polka dots on it that I plan to wear for St. Patty's next weekend. I wish I had gotten more dresses, but the store overwhelms me. Crazy right? How could shopping overwhelm ME? But it does. I'll go back another time and circle the store 15 more times. :) Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. It has been GORGEOUS in Charleston.

On a last minute note, my cousin Rachel went into labor today with her baby. Hoping to hear soon. And my very sweet friend, Dana, had a false alarm while she was teaching on Friday and her doctor has decided to induce her Monday EARLY. I am so tickled. I love love love new babies. Please pray for both my cousin and my friend as they are first time moms.



If I make it out of work alive this week, it will be a miracle. I left about 10-15 emails unread in my inbox (I do NOT do this.), and I have a stack of work waiting for me that has a deadline. It is so busy with work. I enjoy the challenge; I just do not have enough hours in the workday to complete EVERYTHING. I don't like to keep people waiting for replies, and I have been guilty of making people wait the past couple weeks. It's just CRAZY. Exports are through the roof this year. Everyone is on edge as we are scrambling. Lord, give me strength.

I am leaving you with a picture of one of our vessels. She is the MSC Rita. She is the largest vessel to grace the East Coast. In fact this picture was taken as she was leaving the Charleston harbor, Wando Terminal. I'm a bit fascinated with my job. Call me a nerd!

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