Five on Friday...I missed you!

I'm really starting back into blogging after my hiatus with a bang. This is my third post this week. I am impressed with myself. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going. TGIF!!

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Have any of y'all picked up on the loafer trend? I got these from Target and am wearing them today. Talk about COMFORTABLE! Everybody was raving over the hot pink ones that have bows...but I just can't get on board.

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Part of my hiatus you can read about here....I'll give you a little big hint.

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If you love killer, way affordable, can't live without lip liner, then you better get this. Perfect for Fall...and will make those lips look KILLER. Promise. I think it actually makes mine look a bit bigger...you know without spending $600 for injections. I am also highlighting some of my favorite glosses to pair with it here.

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In regards to item #2...I can't tell y'all how freaked out I got over just asking momma friends about bottles. HOLY COW. I know every baby is different but wow. There were several brands that stuck out so we will register for those this weekend. And yes, I DO plan on breastfeeding, but I like to have all my bases covered should it not work out.

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What are y'alls' thoughts on SNS Dip nails vs gel nails? I got the dip last Saturday and part of one nail chipped at the corner. Talk about irritated. Don't get me wrong, my nail lady is GREAT. I just don't think my nails hold the dip very well. Let me know what you think & your experiences.

I hope y'all have a FABULOUS weekend!! It feels good to be back. Be sure to leave some love.


August 2017: Montana/Glacier National Park Vacation

I can't even begin to describe my love for Montana. This summer was my second trip, and it was nothing short of fabulous. B's parent's flew in from NC & all met up with the majority of the Montana crew (aunts, uncles & cousins). His mom is originally from Great Falls. We started our trip with a stay in Glacier National Park. Side note: I have THE best aunt/uncle "in laws." They spoil us rotten with AMAZING food, the best hosting, & laughs for days. We love you Jill, Kari, Bob, & Randy!!

I have heard a lot of people say, "Montana? Why are you taking a vacation to Montana?" Ummmm, have you been there?! This was my first time in Glacier, and it was the most amazing experience. As I have gotten older, I have come to really admire & be in total awe of what awesomeness we have right here in our own "backyard." Sure, you can travel to Europe or white sandy beaches, but nothing compares to seeing huge mountains rise up out of nowhere, see wildlife that you wouldn't normally see, and experience people/ways of life right here in our very own US of A. Get out there, y'all!! It's amazing & I can't preach it enough. You can't find a love for something you've never experienced for yourself. I'll step off my national park soap box now. HEHE! I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Entering East Glacier.

Lake Mary (east side of Glacier)

I loved this field of flowers. They matched my shirt perfectly.

'Indian Paintbrush'

Can you spot the billy goats?

This guy was too cute. He was totally posing.

Mountain goats!!

I am dying to go back. A week after, on the same trail where most of these pictures were taken, "The Highline Trail," a guy ran right into a grizzly in the narrowest part of the trail. He had to jump down about 5-6ft down off the side and hide. It was INSANE. The grizzlies were pretty rampant so some trails were closed due to bear activity. We did not see any (much to my dismay -- I REALLY wanted to get one on camera from a safe distance), but we were armed with our bear spray. 

Have you been to Glacier? What trails have you done? You really need a week in the park to really get your fill and get some miles on those hiking shoes. 


The most affordable lip liner you NEED.

Happy Tuesday!! This weekend kicked my butt. We had friends in town from Thursday to Sunday and had a fabulous time. Sunday night we had a concert and didn't make it home until almost 12. Add a 5:30am workout in on Monday morning andddddd stick a fork in this momma. Anyways, back to why I am writing you today.

You need this lip liner. It will be the best $0.99 you ever spent. No, really. Most lip liners are on the shorter side....for what you pay & the color you get, it's amazing. I paired it with a clear gloss, this Urban Decay gloss (Lindsey Regan Thorne raves about this & I couldn't agree more! Go follow her on Insta. You won't be disappointed), and this Lorac gloss. Let me tell you, it looks good with EVERYTHING.

I found this lip liner through Cam Wimberley's (Southern Charmer) Instagram post. Probably the realest person & mom to be I've ever followed...follow her. She's HYSTERICAL. I picked it up at my local grocery store (I'm not kidding) and I have totally fallen in love. I have a smaller upper lip, and the liner helps it look fuller. It is really pretty and think it is a GREAT buy for Fall. Even though I love my higher end make up, I still am not afraid to throw in drug store brands.

So check it out and let me know what you think! I promise your husband won't question your $0.99 spend. ;)


Did you see the announcement?

We are SO excited about adding to our family. It has been a long time coming which I will blog about at a later date. I thought I'd give a quick recap of what's going on. As a first time momma, I have been bad about documenting. But here I am to hold myself accountable on this blog. I have it all in my head, but it surely needs to be documented from here on out. It may not be every week...but every other week? We'll see. Some people get overloaded with these posts, and I certainly don't want to annoy you.

How far along: 14 weeks today 
Due Date: March 22, 2018
Baby is the size of: Peach 
Gender: Boy -- Lord help me!!
Name: We have an idea of a name...but we (me!) aren't for sure. Brian really loves it I think.  
Symptoms: Nothing too terrible. I am already out of breath super easy. I never got sick (Thank you Lord!!) but always felt really yuck if I didn't always eat.
Movement: Not yet!
Cravings/Aversions: Queso & cheeseburgers....oops! Aversions: Pork in general.... 
Missing anything: Wine! 
Maternity Clothes: None right now. I am REALLY going to try and not buy maternity clothes. I haven't bought much of anything lately because I am afraid I won't be able to wear it in a month. So you may not see any OOTD posts any time soon.  

Nursery: HA! This is funny. We are in a 2 bedroom apartment, and it is my daily struggle of what in the world we are going to do. I do not want to give up a guest room because a. Grandparents and b. BFFs. We'll see what happens.
Looking forward to: Cooler weather!
I'll be back with more details & recap of our trip to Montana this summer. I need to get back into the groove of blogging.  

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