Life Update!

Hi Friends! Hope everyone is doing well. I'm not even apologizing for the radio silence. It is what it is. HA! Thought I would share a little life update & just check in.

I traveled back to South Carolina for our National Sales Conference. It was awesome to see everyone and get back in the groove of work related stuff. You can start to feel like an island some days when you work from home and everyone else is in the office. I wouldn't trade it for anything but I LOVE to get to see my teammates, sales managers, and actually dress up in work clothes for a couple days.

I turned 31 a week later and my parents came to visit. I managed ZERO pictures of my birthday and ONE of my parents with Luke. We also kicked off college football that weekend too! I have GOT to get better about snapping. I take plenty of Luke...and that's it. HA! Oops.

Luke turned 6 months. I cannot believe it. We have started thinking about his first birthday because if the first six months went that quick, the second half is going to FLY. He is such a joy to be around and is the HAPPIEST baby. He can be a little high maintenance when it comes to feedings but overall, he is EASY. He also graduated physical therapy on September 14th so we are moving and shaking with getting this boy 100%. He gets his second DocBand this week. He grew out of his first super quick. Cranial Technologies has been nothing short of amazing with scheduling to helping with insurance. They are AWESOME.

I became a Beautycounter consultant this month. I had been pretty strict about what we were putting on Luke and what we were eating. Well, guess what, I wasn't thinking of myself or Brian. Beautycounter offers safer skincare, beauty, and kids' line. We love the baby wash, oil & balm. I am also loving the dew skin, this palette, & this lippy in 'Twig'...the PERFECT everyday neutral!

I am training for my third half marathon & still doing FASTer Way To Fat Loss. I seriously love it and have seen TREMENDOUS results. I feel better and am overall eating 1000x better. My coach Loren Mattingly is amazing too. If you are interested in joining, the next round starts 1 week from today! I promise, you can do it.

That about wraps it up for me. If you're still reading, bless you! HA. I'm off to Vegas tomorrow for customer visits. It's my first time there so I know I'm in for a fun {quick} trip. Happy Monday, y'all!

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