FASTer Way To Fat Loss -- My Experience

I'm sure you've all seen it. #FWTFL #FASTerWay... It's a movement. And I can't say enough good things about it. It combines intermittent fasting (don't be scared!), carb cycling, macro tracking, and workouts programmed according to how you are eating each day. When I first started back in July, I was SO CONFUSED....that lasted all of like 2-3 days. Really! The program is a total of 7 weeks with the first week being "prep week." This first week helps you to learn the ins and outs of the program, how to track, how to use My Fitness Pal, and test out the workouts. Consider it a grace period.

When I started FWTFL, I was a momma who was just shoving whatever quick food I could find into my mouth. Yes, we had dinners every night but as far as a healthy lunch or healthy snacks...it was bad. I was eating the most random things just to get by. I hadn't really started working out because I wasn't sure how I was going to fit it in. I was not in a rush to get this post partum body back to what it was pre-Luke but knew I needed to do something. Little did I know when I started this program what crazy visible and non-visible changes I would see.

I went through the first 7 weeks and was blown. away. I had more energy. My clothes were very loose. And I was eating so much healthier. One huge takeaway that I had from the first round was becoming so aware of what I was eating. That might sound dumb. But actually looking at labels (and UNDERSTANDING them) & learning all about whole food nutrition AMAZED me. We are what we eat. And I want to be the best version of myself because I have 2 people depending on me. Being a wife and mom means a lot to me.

On to the fasting. Scary? No, not really. It's all about timing folks. I eat. We do not skimp on meals. I eat all the protein, all the healthy fats, and the best...all the healthy CARBS. I am the SMALLEST I have ever been, and I eat a little over 2000 calories every day. When you start this program, you will actually find out that it is hard to hit those macros...but with time, GAME ON! Also, this program is not about calorie deficits. A deficit in your caloric intake is not something that will work long term. I could go on and on about this. The intermittent fasting has also taught me to value my food. SAY WHAT!? Yes, VALUE my food. When I break my fast each day, it's like the most delicious meal ever. Trust me, I get giddy over a sweet potato. It's all I ever want to eat. HA! Before #FWTFL, food was comfort. Now, food is fuel.

Another huge aspect that I loved about the program was my coach and the accountability. My coach, Loren, is probably one of the sweetest people I have ever "met." She is understanding. She is encouraging. And she is a great cheerleader. I wish we lived closer because she really is amazing & I want to be her BFF. All of this to say...that's why she is at the TOP of coach's board almost every month. She has a way of driving home how to fix things but does it without making you feel like a failure when you do slip. #ProgressOverPerfection

Speaking of slipping....life happens. We have a trip, Fall Break, a birthday party, the HOLIDAYS whatever. We eat all the (bad) carbs, drink all the wine, and let's not forget dessert. Let me tell you something, that is LIFE. You cannot and should not expect to be "perfect" all the time. One of the biggest things about this program is should you fall off one day, you can jump RIGHT back on the next day. This is a sustainable way of life. Yo-yoing all over the place with crazy diets isn't going to cut it. This way of life may sound difficult but it's not. Whole food nutrition is a game changer. Tracking your macros...it's EASY. Promise. Meals don't have to be complex. When you put your mind to something and really want the change, the sky is the limit.

Let's get to the good stuff. I know what you want. The before and afters. All the details. So here we go.

First Round (July)
Starting Weight 155.4 lbs
Ending Weight ~140 lbs (I was on a work trip at the end of my first round & wasn't able to weigh in so this is probably most accurate.)
Inches Lost ~11.25 inches (Again, forgot to measure after my work trip so I know it was around here.)

Second Round (September)
Starting Weight 142.8lbs 
Ending Weight 135.8lbs 
Inches Lost 6.75 inches

{...in two rounds (14 weeks total), I have lost 20 lbs & 18 inches...}

Now for pictures....as I take a big deep breath. YIKES!
 The picture on the left is the start of round 1 while the picture on the right is the start of round 2. 

Here is the final before and after. Again first, picture was taken back in July. Second picture taken at the start of my second round in September. And the last, taken this week. 

I hope you guys can read my excitement for this program. I truly LOVE IT. If you are interested, please reach out! I would love to talk to you more about my experience. If you have questions, bring them. If you have concerns, bring them. I want to hear what you think. I know it can be intimidating, but what do you have to lose (no pun intended)? I am so passionate about this since becoming a mom because a lot is expected of us. I want every mom/wife/sister/aunt/grandmother/niece to feel as good as I feel. It is attainable. I promise. You will do GREAT! And let me back up, you don't have to be a woman to do this program. This program is for EVERYONE -- MEN included. Everyone deserves to feel good. Everyone deserves to have their health in their control. What is your health worth to you? Health is wealth, y'all!

If you are still reading, BLESS YOU! HA! I wanted to share my thoughts and excitement about this. It would be amiss if I didn't. I have a link (click HERE) direct to my coach. It is an affiliate link, but let me tell you, that is NOT my main take-away here. This program will change your life. The community within #FWTFL is AMAZING. We all "get" it. We all love it. We all SUPPORT each other. And I mean that 100%. This has CHANGED. MY. LIFE. And if you do decide to join, I want LOREN as your coach. She's the best. I wouldn't have anyone else but her leading & cheering me on through this.


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