Thoughts For Thursday!

I am going to do just some random thoughts for my "Thoughts for Thursday." This is my first time linking up so bear with me.


I am really excited to see the 50 Shades of Grey movie. It looks intense! Now, how can I get my husband  to take me on Valentine's Day? 


It has been seriously hot lately and to be quite honest, I am a bit ready for the Fall. Maybe it's the mosquitoes that have me yearning for Fall and not the heat... Mosquitoes just are the worst, y'all. 


I could watch hair and make-up tutorials ALL DAY! I am just not good at that kind of stuff so when I see step by step tutorials it just makes my day. Kate @ The Small Things Blog is one of my faves. Y'all check her out if you haven't. She is SO down to earth and her little babe is THE cutest.


I made peach cobbler for B on Tuesday night. You would have thought he had died and gone to heaven. I used this recipe.It was AWESOME with vanilla ice cream.


I have had to start wearing glasses at work. I have always has a slight astigmatism but nothing that caused me any major issues. I have glasses for it. Well, I got a keyboard tray at work so I sit back further away from my 2 monitors. Well, headaches galore! My glasses have seemed to remedy that. I probably should get my eyes checked...and maybe a new pair of specs too. :)

Happy Thursday!!



Junior League

Happy Tuesday y'all!! Is it Friday yet? I head to the beach for the first annual Girls' Trip with my BFFs. Excited is an understatement.

After being in Greenville/Spartanburg area for over 2 years now, I decided to take the plunge and get involved with my local Junior League. I went to an interest meeting with my boss who is in the League and another girl from work who is joining. The girls were super nice and thought it would be a good fit for me. I do volunteer with Spartanburg district 5 schools and their lunch buddy program but need more philanthropy on my resume. It's also a great way to network and meet others your age. I am excited to start at the end of August!

Are any of my readers part of their local Junior League? What do y'all think about yours?

Also, if any of my readers are on Instagram, please find me at @haleymarozas. I post a lot there showing my day to day life and lots of pictures of my dog, Gopher. :) Just a fair warning!



Montana Recap

My husband and I, along with my in-laws traveled to Montana to stay the week of the 4th. To say it was fun was an understatement. A lot of people would ask "Montana? What's there?" And to be quite frank, I found it rude. End rant. We stayed with my husband's uncle's family and to say that were great hosts was an understatement. They had stuff for us planned, kept plenty of booze, and the food was amazing! Still dreaming of the braised beef tacos. YUM! We went hiking the day after we arrived and it was incredible. We also went white water rafting; I had been before but this was hands down the best! Talk about rapids!! We went to a rodeo in Red Lodge which I loved. Red Lodge is such a cool little town. We traveled up to Bear Tooth Pass before heading to the rodeo as well. It was a fabulous trip, and I am itching to get back!! I will let the pictures do the talking.

Waiting to board in ATL.

Wheels UP!

The start of our hike to Mystic Lake

Sweet Newfie that was on the trail. I saw 3 while we were in Montana. #nextdog

 Mystic Lake!

Mystic Lake selfie!

Husband being silly at lunch after rafting. 

Boots Galore! 

Husband with his 2 of his uncles!

B with one of the windmill blades in Judith Gap on our way to Great Falls.

Some of the best Sangria made by Jill (my new aunt!)

Lots of time spent out on their back patio!

Red Lodge, MT
Right before the parade!

More of the parade!

Bear Tooth Pass

Bear Tooth Pass

Local brews at the rodeo!

Had to put my boots on for the rodeo, le duh!

This was the 2nd Newfie named Winnie. 
She belongs to the little girl in the background who are neighbors.

Happy 4th of July!

After the hubs golfed & I shopped! No we did not plan our outfits. 

 One of the many gorgeous sunsets from their backyard.

New cousin, Lauren. Love her.

Husband & I with all my new cousins!

If you made it this far, you rock!! These are only off my phone and are not all of them! I took a lot. 

Happy Thursday, y'all!!


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