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BCBG Jewel Flats
$40-TJ Maxx
Need I say more?


Belated Valentines

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's! Brian spoiled me with candy and flowers and a trip to the zoo and dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Za's. It is delicious pizza. (Not your average pizza joint, folks!) It was a lot of fun. What did you all do for Valentine's?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far.


What a steal...

After work today, I decided to stop by Ann Taylor Loft just to see what they had. Lucky me! My sister had gotten a faux fur vest for Christmas from there, and I wanted one badly. They had 1 left at the store...on sale for $19.95 + take an additional 40% off the sale price. Ladies, I got it for $12.00. It was originally $98.00. I am so proud of myself. I had a little bit left on my gift card so it cost me nothing. :)


Such is life...

Lately, it feels that life is moving FAST. I have already been at my job for 6 months. It feels like yesterday that I started at MSC. Brian is in his last semester of undergrad, and he is applying for jobs. (HOORAY!) I can't wait until he graduates and gets out of Columbia. I'm so ready for us to work on us, and he won't have to worry about school. When I say work on us, I mean getting closer. Brian and I are super close already, but we are on 2 levels of life right now. I'm talking about my job, and he's talking about papers & tests. Not that I don't like it. I'm just excited to see him start "real life" so to speak. It is exciting yet scary. He has been my rock through everything. I'm his cheerleader. He is SMART, FUNNY, and WELL - ROUNDED. I'm very proud of him. He went to a job fair last week and got an immediate interview. I'm hoping he gets many more interviews and finds something that he likes and that affords him a NICE salary. Please pray for many upcoming opportunities for him. We have our trip all planned to Mexico in honor of his graduation. YAHOO! We are very excited. We also have some possible trips with our friends this summer.

My good friend, Dana, is expecting and is due in March. I remember when she told me she was pregnant. THAT seemed like yesterday. I can't believe how time has flown by...literally. She looks great and is nothing but a baby bump. LOVE IT. I cannot wait to see baby Whit. It's February and she is due in MARCH! AGH! So close. I have a serious love for babies so I will be so ecstatic when he gets here. He will be the first baby of our group. :) Please pray for the next few weeks to be comfortable for Dana and that everything forms completely for baby Whit.

My cousin is also having a baby boy in March as well. Please pray for her as this is her first baby. And of course I will have baby fever all over again. Her doctor told her that her baby will be at least 8 pounds! I love little chubby babies. The more rolls they have, the better. My mom thinks I'm crazy. Oh well.

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. I visited Brian in Columbia. We were so lazy. I practiced being domestic for him. HA! I think he liked it. He got a legit dinner cooked for him Saturday and breakfast this morning. LUCKY! :)

Y'all have a wonderful week!


P.S. I ordered my iPhone, and it should be in tomorrow! I will be fully converted to Apple. Can't wait.

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