Finally Friday!

Every time Friday rolls around, I think of that George Jones song "Finally Friday." Anybody else? I remember it always being played on the morning radio shows on my way to work when I commuted. I digress. I'm rounding up my 5 on Friday!

So I know I am behind on this but my husband & I just started watching Breaking Bad. It is INSANE. At times it can be gory but at the same time SCARY. Holy crap, that guy Tuco?! I had to pull the covers over my head because he was SCARY. What are y'all's thoughts?

I picked up a couple things from Ulta this week when I went in to get my eyebrows waxed. {They actually do a pretty good job!!} I can never go in there for just one thing. Ulta is just like Target for me. I have a list but I come out with ohhhh 10 extra things. Oops!

Did you catch my post on #NSale Early Access picks? The site crashed yesterday as I'm sure ALL of you know, and it was just insane. I only picked up one item from the actual sale and then another top. I may go in to the store this weekend. I like to try stuff on first especially for brands I don't wear often.

I have been looking into the iPhone 7+. Is the camera really all that much better than the 6+? I heard that it also is waterproof up to a certain depth/time. I may upgrade before our trip to Montana but wanted to get some opinions first.

My 30th birthday is around the corner & I am just not sure what I want. I always have a list running in my head but I think since it's such an epic birthday, it needs to be something special. How did y'all celebrate or what would/did you ask for? All my friends (minus 1) are turning 30 this year in a matter of 8 months. I can't believe it.

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!


#NSale 2017 Picks!

I am not your average blogger. I was not up in the middle of the night crafting my post and buying crazily from the #NSale. But there are LOTS of good stuff. I am sure you have read many or seen lots of posts already about it. And you will continue to probably until it is over. Every blogger is talking about it. I thought I'd share a few of my picks that I liked. Early access opened today through July 20th with a Nordstrom debit or credit card. It will open to the public July 21-August 6.


S W E A T E R S  &  J A C K E T S


A T H L E T I C  W E A R


B E A U T Y  &  S K I N CA R E

Happy Shopping y'all! And be sure to let me know what you are getting.


Fiesta! Fiesta!

Happy Monday friends! Having 4th of July on a Tuesday really puts a damper on the "long" weekend especially if you have to work today. But it's one of the BEST holidays! I have my red shorts ready for tomorrow. I can't wait. I was thinking how last year at this time we were in Boone for a long week with my parents. I am missing the cooler weather that's for sure.

This past weekend, B and I hit up an old favorite to grab beers and pizza. It was fun but LORD was it HOT. It's been in the 100s here lately. Wearing an easy breezy top was key. This super fun top from Loft was PERFECT. It doesn't cling to you, the colors are so pretty, and it's "off the shoulder" but you get to wear a regular bra! I'll be the first to tell you, pulling on a strapless bra, with sweat running down your back is just not cute. Don't deny yourself....I know you've been there.

The shorts are old, but Old Navy has them again this year. I would suggest sizing up if you don't particularly like a tighter fit on your legs. That's the last thing I want in a jean short. Although, I've heard they do stretch out in the leg a little bit the more you wear them. These sandals....I loved them so much I bought them in both colors (here & here). They are 20% off with code 'JULY4' making them a STEAL. Yes, they are super comfy!! And the sunglasses...you've heard me talk about the brand Quay over and over. I'm just obsessed.

Our countdown to vacation has started, and I am so anxious to go. It's like we are waiting all summer before all the vacay fun starts. It will be WORTH it. You can read about some of the things I've picked up for it, here. I hope everyone has a wonderful and SAFE July 4th. Thanks for reading!!

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