Another weekend filled to the BRIM!

This weekend was chock full of events. Friday could not get here fast enough. I patiently awaited it. And when it finally arrived, how glorious! Friday night was slow but Kath, David, and I went out to get a drink at Flying Saucer--one of my all time favorites! :) Saturday morning, I woke up to find that my car was DEAD as a door nail. Ugh. I have had more problems with that car than Carter's got little pills. I JUST put in a new battery, but Lord only knows what it could be. Anyways, the day started off rough, but gradually got better. Saturday, we had a cookout for Kath's 22nd birthday. We started at about 12 and just had a blast. We had a good number of people to the house, and we all cooked out. It was a lot of fun. That night we had a bon-fire and ended with a trip downtown. Needless to say, I ended my night early purely because I was slap wore out. It was definitely a good time. Here's a room-mate picture from the cookout.

This morning I headed to Charleston for my friend Samantha's baby shower. She is due March 6th. We had an awesome time eating, laughing and watching her open up all of her many gifts.

The trip was way too short. I am anxiously anticipating Friday already....the week hasn't even started YET! Agh. I am so very ready for a full weekend in Charleston. I have spring fever like no other. This weekend's weather was absolutely beautiful. It was 70 and above the whole time and bright and sunny. I could not have asked for a better weekend. Let's hope it continues through the week and into the weekend! Cross my fingers.

I am not looking forward to this week what so ever! It doesn't seem so full with school work, but then again who knows?


Another work filled week...

It's only Monday, and I am forever awaiting Friday afternoon. This week is filled with lots of work, quizzes, and tests. The only good thing about this week: I got to flip to the next month of my Studs and Spurs calendar that I received for Christmas. HA! My best friend knows me so well. Anyways, I'm officially starting to hate my major, Spanish. Yet, I love it? My thoughts are helter skelter. Anyways, the weekend was good. We celebrated Rachel's birthday on Friday by going out to eat and then heading downtown for drinks with friends. It was fun. Saturday, I worked. What a day! I was there from 12-5, (not long hours I know) but it was just a drag. Oh well. Such is life. My posts are short now because I am so busy with everything. I am trying to be ahead in all my homework that way I won't have to worry so much the day before. This is probably the reason I am so stressed lately. It's college, right??

I am also awaiting the weekend because I'm traveling home to CHARLESTON for a baby shower on Sunday. My friend Samantha will be having her baby girl in March. How exciting?! I can't wait. Sadly, it will only be a day trip. I have other plans this weekend to celebrate my other roommate's birthday! It's one event after the other I swear but oh so fun. This weekend will be much needed. I can feel it. :)

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