Bumpdate: 20 weeks

Sorry for the quality of this picture! I was rushing out the door to my doctor's appointment!

How far along: 20 weeks today 

Due Date: March 22, 2018

Baby is the size of: Banana {Approx 10.1oz & 6.5in long}

Gender: Little Boy! (We call him "Buttons," "Bubs," & "Little dude.")

Name: We have thrown around so many names. Researched the heck out of our family trees. We keep coming back to 2 in particular...and just like I said on the last update, I THINK we have one...we just haven't agreed. This still could change. 

Symptoms: I feel really great. Minus the round ligament pain, everything is good. I am working out 2 days a week. Getting winded so easy isn't fun, but I am glad to know I can keep up for the most part. And unless otherwise directed by my doctor, I will continue to work out as long as I can.

Movement: YES! I felt him at 18 weeks & 2 days. It was SUPER faint, but DEFINITELY not gas. It has only gotten stronger. And it's still the wierdest/coolest thing.

Cravings/Aversions: Sour! Brian found these Haribo Halloween Bats that were sour....SO GOOD. So he bought me two more bags. Add Reese's peanut butter cups to the list too. Also, give me all the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Brian, if you're reading this, get over it! HA! He fussed at me & told me that stuff was crap & that I needed to buy the Annie's brand (organic). Oops! Also, I feel like eating 24/7. Aversions: I don't particularly care for just meat -- particularly red meat. EW! If it's mixed in (for example: tacos, soups, etc) & not the main dish, I'm good. 

Missing anything: Wine, sushi, & feta cheese. I love Greek food so not having feta is killing me.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing right now. Jeans are still fitting albeit a little more snug. 

Nursery: We are probably just going to hold off for now since we will be having so many visitors after the new year. Baby will be in the bassinet in our room anyhow.

Brian's Thoughts: He is super excited. He is a little jealous he can't feel baby yet. Asks lots of questions & likes to read up on our weekly updates from the Bump app.

Looking forward to: Cooler weather...still. It has gotten cool, but we are still having some 80 degree days. Also, looking forward to more movement from little dude. And of course, the HOLIDAYS!


Life Lately: October 2017

Life has been busy. October is always a busy month for us: birthdays (3 days in a row <Brian, my sister, & her husband> + one at the end of the month <my mom>, anniversaries, Halloween, etc etc. But it is so fun. Tack on a baby brewing, and it seems our days are flying by. We've been to our church's Fall festival which I won a cake at. (!!!!) B was like "you have to do it." Well, it was me and then all these little kids and guess who's # got called first? I was slightly embarrassed but it was fun.

We spent our 4 year anniversary out to eat. It fell on a Thursday this year. We also decided to keep it low key since baby and decided no presents. It was great. We did dinner at The Peached Tortilla here in Austin. It was ramen night so I got that, and it was SPICY. B got the taco trio. We shared the bacon jam fries. Funny story: when I made the reservation it asked if it was a special occasion. I chose anniversary. Well when we were done, one of the chefs came out, introduced himself and asked how everything was. He told us to hang tight as there was a surprise coming. Immediately, my mind jumped to dessert. Well I was wrong. They brought out 2 glasses of champagne. HA! B thought it was hysterical. Needless to say, he got 2 glasses of champs! LUCKY. We wrapped our anniversary weekend with a hike. It was glorious and cool and we took the pup!

The romper I wore was a total steal last winter from Loft. Someone had returned it from what looked like online. I think I snatched it up for like $10? Well, it was a small. And I got myself in it for dinner. All the praise hands! Mommas to be....you know what I mean. I've linked a few similar options if you are interested.

As I have stated before, I have been holding back on purchasing items for myself since this belly is growing. I've picked up a few things from Loft. I got 2 packages in from them this week....needless to say all but a camisole are going back. FAIL. Argh. They were just on the smaller end of the spectrum and I didn't really LOVE them on me. But I have gotten 2 dresses and a vest from there that I am obsessed with.

Vest: Loft // Leggings: Zella // Tee: BP Similar (Nordstrom)
Monstrosity of a pregnancy pillow: Leachco

I'll be back on Thursday with a baby update -- 20 weeks. WOAH! It is flying y'all! Oh! And don't forget to pull for the Astros tonight if you're watching the World Series!! They only need one more game and nothing would make me happier to have a. a Texas team win it and b. the City of Houston NEEDS THIS! Go Astros!!

Everyone have a safe and happy Halloween!!


Weekend Scenes -- Sweet Berry Farms Pumpkin Patch

Besides celebrating B's birthday, we hit the pumpkin patch on Saturday. It was about an hour drive north west of Austin. It was called Sweet Berry Farms. We had such a good time. B said as we were walking up, this is practice for next year. And really, it was a lot of fun seeing all the kids and their parents and watching moms & dads take pictures. EVERYBODY had their big nice cameras out snapping pictures so I didn't feel bad when it was just me & B with our big camera.

It was overcast and not toooo humid. I ended up putting boots on which I am so glad I did. They had a large area of flowers that you could walk through and pick as much as you wanted for $3. It was a lot of fun and made for great pictures. I can for sure say that it made me SO much more excited for our little boo to get here and dress him up and take him to the patch. He still doesn't have a name by the way. I'm not ready to commit. HA!

We are getting a "cold front" tomorrow and will have a high in the mid-70s and the morning will be in the 50s. I guess I'll take what I can get right? I saw Denver got SNOW this morning. I could only dream of those temperatures for mid October.

How was your weekend? I feel like this past weekend and next week are the weekends to grab your pumpkins. Anyone dressing up for Halloween? We do not get trick or treaters here in the apartment which is a total BUMMER to me because it's my favorite part of the holiday....minus eating my weight in Reese's.

I hope everyone has had a great start to their week. I of course am already looking forward to the weekend. What did you do this past weekend? What's on your Fall bucket list?


Five on Friday

Welllllll the week got ahead of me. Oops!

I picked up a few things from the Loft 50% off sale, and they came in this week. I have been so hesitant with buying actual clothes because I know I'm only getting bigger as the days weeks go on & this baby is growing. I hope to get these styled sometime soon...when the temperatures drop. They are still having a sale...at 40% off (Code: FALLFEST) so run & go check it out.

Today is B's birthday!! We celebrated with lunch out today at Kebabalicious (highly recommend!) and tonight I think we are going to one of his fave breweries that also has a food truck. What the birthday boy wants, he gets!

I have been battling a cold since Monday...it started as the wimpiest cough and could NOT get decongested....well this morning all hell broke loose (literally) and everything finally started breaking up and my cough was more successful. Any other tips for this pregnant momma? I am limited to what I can take.

I have been using a new (to me) Laura Mercier foundation. I am in love. It covers so well. I apply it with a damp beauty blender. I am currently wearing shade 1N2-Vanilla...but I could probably go up one shade. Oh well...more room for bronzer.

I don't have a #5 this week but I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We are going to check out a pumpkin patch tomorrow so I'll have pictures from that next week!

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