Christmas, Parties, Sugar Plums dancing in my head

I don't know about y'all but I am getting into the holiday spirit!! I don't like to skip Thanksgiving but I do get so excited for Christmas trees, pretty wrapping paper, time with family and friends, Christmas goodies, and the entire season all together.

I was perusing pinterest and saw this....I mean who wouldn't want to wear this to a Christmas party or NYE?! Love it.

I LOVE THIS LIVING ROOM. I think the twigs at the top of the tree are too cool and give it a rustic feel.
There are so many patterns! And those red berry wreathes....

And yum... sweet & salty...

So what do y'all look forward to each Christmas season?



Looking at these on Saturday...

Hoping I find the one & say yes to the dress! 



This is how I think everyone feels about me right now...

I am currently sneezing my fool head off. UGH! Where did this come from?!

Happy Friday Eve!

Can't wait to watch my girl tonight on the CMA's!


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