Current Make Up Rotation

Y'all, I have a problem. It's called buying too much makeup. Nothing gives me all the feels like walking out of Sephora with a back full of beauty goodies!! However, I am always reaching for the same things out of my bag...like I said...it's a problem. HA! #sorryhusband

Below are some of my current favorites that are in my makeup bag and that I reach for often.

What are some of y'alls favorites?? I am always looking for something new!!



It's back y'all...

That's right. You heard me. College football is back! My alma mater, South Carolina, kicks off tonight against the Tarheels. While I wish I could be there, work beckons!!

I'm not sure about your school, but for SEC schools, it's real big for the girls to dress up for games. I'm not talking heels...but yes, I have seen some freshman girls do it....no honey, you'll learn. We always have on cute dresses or skirts & tops & our Jacks for those blistering hot games. Y'all when I was a student...I could hang. But not now. The heat makes me angry. #truestory

During the night games and when it gets into October & November, that is REALLY my favorite time for football...I mean c'mon dresses, tights, & booties. Yes ma'am!!

Here are some cute things I have rounded up for my team. What are y'all wearing for your team??

This would be SO cute with some black skinnies! 
And the back is SUPER cute.

Love a dress that's flowy so it hides all that tailgate food I just ate. #sorrynotsorry

Just add tights, booties, and a cute scarf! This dress is ADORABLE. 
See what I mean...F-L-O-W-Y or loose...whatever you want to call it.

Tassels & fringe are IN ladies!
Not sure if I could rock this hat but it would be PRECIOUS with that garnet dress above. 

Hope y'all have a fabulous Thursday!! 


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