Here it is…upon us already! 2013 is knocking at our door. Has Christmas already come and gone? I always feel a little empty after everything is done and over with…not to mention un-decorating my tree and putting it out to the curb. It makes me downright sad! I did that yesterday. I did leave up my wreath though… It’s too pretty and smells awesome when you walk up the steps to the front door.
2012 has been filled to the brim with excitement and changes. Let’s see. I moved from Charleston (gasp!) to Greenville to take on a new job and move in with my then boyfriend. I left everything I knew and was comfortable with to take a leap of faith. I am so glad I did.
Then, boyfriend and I decided we wanted a pup. We adopted a black lab rescue named Gopher. I can’t tell you how good of a decision he was. At first, I was all for it and then I got cold feet. But that sweet face wrapped me around his paw. He has brought so much fun and laughter to us. He is literally our child. He is so happy and I think that’s what makes us so happy to have him.
July 26th, 2012 we celebrated our 3 year anniversary. I don’t know how in the world B kept up with me, but he did. Boy am I glad he did. He is a wonderful wonderful man and truly my best friend (sorry for the sappiness!) He is weird and quirky like me making our relationship even more fun!
August 21st, 2012 I was surprised with candles and cards and a RING! He did it. Ladies, he finally jumped and asked me to marry him. I was so excited and still am. I can NOT wait for our wedding day and to finally call him my hubby. And honestly, I think Momma & Daddy are more excited to make him a part of our family. I think Daddy likes finally having another guy around the house. And Momma, she just LOVES B. I can’t wait to become Mrs. Brian Marozas on October 26, 2013.
Then we decided we were sick of our apartment and wanted to buy a house. So we started that journey. We learned A LOT! It didn’t take us long to find our home. It came with a fenced in backyard for our love. He is very happy too. We celebrated our first Christmas in that house. It has been fun and expensive!
Lastly, we spent Christmas in Charleston with my family. It was wonderful and went by way too quick. This was the first time Brian and I spent actual Christmas Eve and day together. It was great. We opened presents with my family and had Christmas lunch. It was fabulous.
And tonight, we ring in 2013. I can NOT wait to see what is in store for us. Getting married is just one of many I am sure! J
Happy New Year’s everyone!



Hi there!

Hello! It has been a while since I last posted. So sorry about that!! We have been going non-stop. Seriously.

I mean we bought a house, we moved, we unpacked & the list goes ON!

We are headed to Charleston today to spend Christmas with my family! Saying that I am excited is an understatement.

If I don't write before Christmas, then I am wishing y'all a wonderful Christmas with your family & friends. I hope y'all get to spend lots of time with everyone and eat lots of good food. And maybe Santa will bring you a sursie. :)


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