Wishing I was here...

With all this crazy weather going on, I would LOVE to be here!

And probably wearing this fur vest! I love fur for winter time. Fake that is...

And probably these... I mean who doesn't covet a Frye boot?!

Happy Tuesday y'all!



Being a grown up...

...means you buy a house right?

Well that's what B & I have been up to lately. Searching, looking, and finally finding one we like. We have been in the crazy process of getting contracts together and gathering our entire financial lives. CRAZY. It is a full time job preparing yourself to buy a house.

All the while, I am also planning a wedding. We are hoping to close on our house November 30th. We will be in it before Christmas and long before we get married. It will be nice to already be settled with that and not have to worry about that after the wedding. Searching for a home is stressful.

Anyways, today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday! I am READY for the weekend.

We have a wedding on Saturday and then we are going to attempt taking on Bed Bath & Beyond to register.  I am most excited about registering.

Hope y'all are doing fab and have a great ending to your week.



I need this.

In my closet.

Friday Letters

So a lot of my bloggers that I follow do a post on Fridays called "Friday Letters." I like the idea and think I will inaugurate that weekly post today.

Dear Work Week,
You have drug by so slowly especially the second halves of my day. Can you please make sure the hours of the work day pass a bit more quickly? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

Dear Gopher,
You are the best dog ever, and I love you in spite of your nightly toots. Why have you all of a sudden started tooting so much? PRAISE THE LORD that they don't stink.  But like I said, I love you and you make my day everyday. Thanks for being awesome. I'm not quite sure who rescued who. :)

Dear Weather,
Can you please make up your mind? Is it Fall or Spring? Don't get me wrong. I do love the break from the furnace. However, you can't be 50 one day and 73 the next. I would prefer you stay cool. I have fall clothes I need to transition. Please and thanks.

Dear Gamecocks,
Please make me proud tomorrow as you take on those pesky LSU Tigers. Let's show the nation just was being a Gamecock is all about. They already know the SEC rules.

Dear Brian,
There are no words to describe just how much you rock. You are amazing beyond words. Thanks for putting up with me each and every day and for the rest of our lives.

Dear Metabolism,
You can jump start ANY DAY NOW. I have wedding dresses to try on in less than a month and there are some, err a lot of areas, that need to shrink. Please & thanks!

Dear UltraSonic Cleaner,
YOU SUCK! Thank you for being super strong and knocking out 3 of my accent diamonds on my ring. You are going to the back of the cabinet and you will never see the likes of my ring again. Betch.

Dear Whit Ash jeweler,
Thank you for being SO UNDERSTANDING and willing to reset my diamonds for FREE! Y'all rock!!!

I think that's about it for me today. I hope y'all all have a wonderful weekend. We are headed to Fall for Greenville tomorrow afternoon. FOOD FEST! Yum.


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