Five on Friday

FRIYAY...I'm so glad to see you. The weeks feel like they are flying by. I know the holiday season doesn't help it either. Oh well!

IT SNOWED IN AUSTIN!! I had heard we might get something...mainly in the Hill Country. I wasn't really expecting anything. Last night, I said to B., "I wonder if it's snowing yet." I was half kidding. Y'all, I walked outside and saw the biggest flakes I had ever seen! It was beautiful. And it actually stuck to the ground. I love snow and the quiet & serenity it brings.

Let's talk about goals post baby. If you have had a baby or are having one, have you set any for yourself? My one goal is a fitness goal. I work out about 2-3 times a week with a group. However, I do love to run. On my list is another half marathon. I have run 2 halves so far. I love it. And I hate it. HA! I think this will be great to jump start me back and help shed the baby weight....hello summer?! What have been your goals?

I ordered this dry texturizing spray because A. Kate at The Small Things blog swears by it and B. I wanted to see how it rivals my tried and true Oribe. Has anybody else used Amika?

Did you see that The Crown season 2 is back today on Netflix?!? This is SUCH a good show. I am really not into British shows all that much but this one is just too good. I also loved Downton Abbey. Maybe I am into British shows after all? Who else is watching?

Did you catch my bumpdate this week or our Christmas card reveal? Or maybe that glitter you NEED for your holiday parties I know you have coming up. Be sure to check them out and let me know what you think!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Bumpdate: 25 Weeks

 How far along: 25 weeks today 

Due Date: March 22, 2018

Baby is the size of: Cauliflower {Although, he was weighing approximately 1.7oz at his 24 week appointment last week. That's like 2 weeks ahead in the weight department. They told us he is in the 54% which doesn't make him sound as big...}

Gender: Little Boy.

Name: I feel like I should remove this category.  The answer is just no name at this time.

Symptoms: I feel good for the most part. But real talk: from the end of week 23 through today...has been rough on the emotional side of things. Work stress, holiday stress, whatever you want to call it. Maybe my hormones are catching up to me? I wouldn't say that I am a crier...but I have cried a good bit in the last week and a half. Sorry B!

Movement: Dance party at 9pm like clockwork.

Cravings/Aversions: I think I am evened out. Although meat (think steak or even just chicken)...like just meat...GROSS. Give me all the sides!!

Missing anything: Still wine...

Maternity Clothes: Yes, I got a pair of Joe's & 7 for all Mankind maternity jeans. They are great and love how they smooth everything out. I bought them Black Friday so I definitely didn't pay full price. I live in jeans in the fall & winter so these were a must have for me. I also wear two tanks that I got from Target that are maternity but that's really it. They are from the Ingrid and Isabel line....but the exact ones are unfortunately not online.

Nursery: Not until we buy a house....which will be after Bubs is born. Late Spring/early Summer time!
Brian's Thoughts: Loves that he can feel him kicking all the time. And whether I like it or not....he likes the belly to show...as in stick out. If he were here right now, I'd be giving him a hard side eye.

Looking forward to: Baby shower in a couple weeks!!
My Thoughts: It blows my mind we have 15 weeks left....as that number dwindles....it gets more real every week. And then I see my appointment schedule and we are getting close to going every 2 weeks and then every week. WHAT?! I have dreamed about the day that we get to have  our very own baby...a little person who calls me Momma. It's so exciting and at the same time....a little bit scary. I can't wait.


2017 Christmas Card

Since most of my Christmas cards have been delivered, I figured I would share it with y'all. Sending and receiving Christmas cards is one of the highlights of the year. I love hearing from friends and family that they got ours. And let's be honest, pretty envelopes in your mailbox beats a bill or piece of junk mail ANY day. Without further adieu....our  2017 Christmas card!

Skirt | Sweater (similar) | Boots (similar) | Necklace

I love the way these turned out. We chose to use Shutterfly this year. To be honest, the quality & speediness was spot on with Minted. I will definitely use them again.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas & holiday season...and lots of pretty Christmas cards in their mailbox.


All that glitters is {Rose} Gold.

The first thing I think about when the holidays are around are sequins, glitter & glam. You start seeing it everywhere in the stores. The holiday season really is the best time to sparkle & adding a little bit to your makeup routine for the all those parties you are attending makes it all that much more fun.

I originally saw this shown over on Lindsey Regan Thorne's instagram. She used it on one of her brides, and it was so pretty. I picked some up and have been loving it. I use just a little bit on the inner corner of my lid and pat it out to blend. It can take a rather "plain" eye to a GLAM eye in milliseconds. And let me be the first to tell you, a little goes a LONG way. It definitely helps justify the price.

I was just looking online and there are so many colors...8 total!! The color I chose is called "Kitten Karma." It has a rosey gold tint that has gone with everything I have paired it with. They do offer a true gold as well. I promise, even if glitter isn't your thing, this is just so stunning for parties/events, and you can wear as little or as heavy as you want.

How do you jazz up your holiday makeup? Is it lashes? A bright red lip? Or do you love a little glitter just like me? Everyone deserves to shine....so treat yourself.


Stocking Stuffers for the Ladies!

Happy Cyber Monday!! How did everyone fare over the Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday? We spent our Thanksgiving just the 2 of us and went out for Thanksgiving brunch/lunch. It was actually really nice just being the two of us. No rushing around. No entertaining. No traveling. This will be our last Thanksgiving as the two of us so it was nice to have it as just us.

I thought today I would share some stocking stuffers for the ladies in your life. I really think you can't go wrong with any one these & I know that they will love it. These are all things that I currently have/use and love!!

1. //Invisibobble: Traceless Hair Ring\\ These are GREAT. I have silky/soft hair that also happens to be thin. These keep the pony tail right where it's supposed to be and also keeps all those shorter pieces back too. Another plus...these don't make a crazy dent in your hair when you take it out!

2. //Urban Decay Ultra Nourishing Lip Gloss\\ This lip gloss is wonderful. I have gifted it to a friend & my sister. I have two of the colors and just love them.  I highly suggest the color "Naked" for those that aren't totally sure on what colors the other person wears. It is perfect for everyday. Or dress it up with a darker lip liner.

3. //Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray\\ Who doesn't love volume in their hair? Or for their soft waves to stay all day? This is ALWAYS in my hair. I swear by it to everyone. Ask my friends. It is my holy grail of hair products. The travel size is perfect for putting in their stocking.

4. //Sephora Collection Masks\\ These are great and come in so many different 'flavors.' I personally love these & usually throw a few in my basket whenever I am about to checkout.

5. //Tartlette Tease\\ A personal favorite that will take you from day to night. It is also perfect for travel -- tiny but packed with great colors.

6. //Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils\\ Yes, another lip product. But really it's too good. My personal favorite color is this one...I apologize for the name. Oh and love this one too.

7. //The Wet Brush\\ I have two of these and use them everyday. These are so great...wet OR dry. The wet brush shine is also great too!

8. //Baublebar\\ I love everything Baublebar. Be sure to check out their Cyber Monday Sale!!

9. //Beauty Blenders\\ Need I say more? We could all use one or two extra.

10. //Giftcards\\ Who doesn't love being able to purchase after the holidays and have zero guilt!? Sephora, Ulta, Target, & Nordstrom.

These are all so great to pair together too if you are doing a small gift exchange with your girlfriends. I think everyone would love at least one of these things. Are any of these on your list?

And before I leave you, just passing on from one girl to another...as you online shop this year, be sure to check out eBates. I had always heard of it but am taking full advantage of it this year. Shopping through this site allows you to earn money back. It is free to you...all you have to do is sign up. If you use my link, you'll get $10 for the first $25 you spend. Easy money, ladies!!! The cash back percentage rates do fluctuate so they are definitely not stagnant. Check it out! Promise you won't be disappointed. And now is the perfect time to use this service with all your holiday shopping.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!


Bumpdate: 20 weeks

Sorry for the quality of this picture! I was rushing out the door to my doctor's appointment!

How far along: 20 weeks today 

Due Date: March 22, 2018

Baby is the size of: Banana {Approx 10.1oz & 6.5in long}

Gender: Little Boy! (We call him "Buttons," "Bubs," & "Little dude.")

Name: We have thrown around so many names. Researched the heck out of our family trees. We keep coming back to 2 in particular...and just like I said on the last update, I THINK we have one...we just haven't agreed. This still could change. 

Symptoms: I feel really great. Minus the round ligament pain, everything is good. I am working out 2 days a week. Getting winded so easy isn't fun, but I am glad to know I can keep up for the most part. And unless otherwise directed by my doctor, I will continue to work out as long as I can.

Movement: YES! I felt him at 18 weeks & 2 days. It was SUPER faint, but DEFINITELY not gas. It has only gotten stronger. And it's still the wierdest/coolest thing.

Cravings/Aversions: Sour! Brian found these Haribo Halloween Bats that were sour....SO GOOD. So he bought me two more bags. Add Reese's peanut butter cups to the list too. Also, give me all the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Brian, if you're reading this, get over it! HA! He fussed at me & told me that stuff was crap & that I needed to buy the Annie's brand (organic). Oops! Also, I feel like eating 24/7. Aversions: I don't particularly care for just meat -- particularly red meat. EW! If it's mixed in (for example: tacos, soups, etc) & not the main dish, I'm good. 

Missing anything: Wine, sushi, & feta cheese. I love Greek food so not having feta is killing me.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing right now. Jeans are still fitting albeit a little more snug. 

Nursery: We are probably just going to hold off for now since we will be having so many visitors after the new year. Baby will be in the bassinet in our room anyhow.

Brian's Thoughts: He is super excited. He is a little jealous he can't feel baby yet. Asks lots of questions & likes to read up on our weekly updates from the Bump app.

Looking forward to: Cooler weather...still. It has gotten cool, but we are still having some 80 degree days. Also, looking forward to more movement from little dude. And of course, the HOLIDAYS!


Life Lately: October 2017

Life has been busy. October is always a busy month for us: birthdays (3 days in a row <Brian, my sister, & her husband> + one at the end of the month <my mom>, anniversaries, Halloween, etc etc. But it is so fun. Tack on a baby brewing, and it seems our days are flying by. We've been to our church's Fall festival which I won a cake at. (!!!!) B was like "you have to do it." Well, it was me and then all these little kids and guess who's # got called first? I was slightly embarrassed but it was fun.

We spent our 4 year anniversary out to eat. It fell on a Thursday this year. We also decided to keep it low key since baby and decided no presents. It was great. We did dinner at The Peached Tortilla here in Austin. It was ramen night so I got that, and it was SPICY. B got the taco trio. We shared the bacon jam fries. Funny story: when I made the reservation it asked if it was a special occasion. I chose anniversary. Well when we were done, one of the chefs came out, introduced himself and asked how everything was. He told us to hang tight as there was a surprise coming. Immediately, my mind jumped to dessert. Well I was wrong. They brought out 2 glasses of champagne. HA! B thought it was hysterical. Needless to say, he got 2 glasses of champs! LUCKY. We wrapped our anniversary weekend with a hike. It was glorious and cool and we took the pup!

The romper I wore was a total steal last winter from Loft. Someone had returned it from what looked like online. I think I snatched it up for like $10? Well, it was a small. And I got myself in it for dinner. All the praise hands! Mommas to be....you know what I mean. I've linked a few similar options if you are interested.

As I have stated before, I have been holding back on purchasing items for myself since this belly is growing. I've picked up a few things from Loft. I got 2 packages in from them this week....needless to say all but a camisole are going back. FAIL. Argh. They were just on the smaller end of the spectrum and I didn't really LOVE them on me. But I have gotten 2 dresses and a vest from there that I am obsessed with.

Vest: Loft // Leggings: Zella // Tee: BP Similar (Nordstrom)
Monstrosity of a pregnancy pillow: Leachco

I'll be back on Thursday with a baby update -- 20 weeks. WOAH! It is flying y'all! Oh! And don't forget to pull for the Astros tonight if you're watching the World Series!! They only need one more game and nothing would make me happier to have a. a Texas team win it and b. the City of Houston NEEDS THIS! Go Astros!!

Everyone have a safe and happy Halloween!!


Weekend Scenes -- Sweet Berry Farms Pumpkin Patch

Besides celebrating B's birthday, we hit the pumpkin patch on Saturday. It was about an hour drive north west of Austin. It was called Sweet Berry Farms. We had such a good time. B said as we were walking up, this is practice for next year. And really, it was a lot of fun seeing all the kids and their parents and watching moms & dads take pictures. EVERYBODY had their big nice cameras out snapping pictures so I didn't feel bad when it was just me & B with our big camera.

It was overcast and not toooo humid. I ended up putting boots on which I am so glad I did. They had a large area of flowers that you could walk through and pick as much as you wanted for $3. It was a lot of fun and made for great pictures. I can for sure say that it made me SO much more excited for our little boo to get here and dress him up and take him to the patch. He still doesn't have a name by the way. I'm not ready to commit. HA!

We are getting a "cold front" tomorrow and will have a high in the mid-70s and the morning will be in the 50s. I guess I'll take what I can get right? I saw Denver got SNOW this morning. I could only dream of those temperatures for mid October.

How was your weekend? I feel like this past weekend and next week are the weekends to grab your pumpkins. Anyone dressing up for Halloween? We do not get trick or treaters here in the apartment which is a total BUMMER to me because it's my favorite part of the holiday....minus eating my weight in Reese's.

I hope everyone has had a great start to their week. I of course am already looking forward to the weekend. What did you do this past weekend? What's on your Fall bucket list?


Five on Friday

Welllllll the week got ahead of me. Oops!

I picked up a few things from the Loft 50% off sale, and they came in this week. I have been so hesitant with buying actual clothes because I know I'm only getting bigger as the days weeks go on & this baby is growing. I hope to get these styled sometime soon...when the temperatures drop. They are still having a sale...at 40% off (Code: FALLFEST) so run & go check it out.

Today is B's birthday!! We celebrated with lunch out today at Kebabalicious (highly recommend!) and tonight I think we are going to one of his fave breweries that also has a food truck. What the birthday boy wants, he gets!

I have been battling a cold since Monday...it started as the wimpiest cough and could NOT get decongested....well this morning all hell broke loose (literally) and everything finally started breaking up and my cough was more successful. Any other tips for this pregnant momma? I am limited to what I can take.

I have been using a new (to me) Laura Mercier foundation. I am in love. It covers so well. I apply it with a damp beauty blender. I am currently wearing shade 1N2-Vanilla...but I could probably go up one shade. Oh well...more room for bronzer.

I don't have a #5 this week but I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We are going to check out a pumpkin patch tomorrow so I'll have pictures from that next week!


Five on Friday...I missed you!

I'm really starting back into blogging after my hiatus with a bang. This is my third post this week. I am impressed with myself. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going. TGIF!!

{ 1 }
Have any of y'all picked up on the loafer trend? I got these from Target and am wearing them today. Talk about COMFORTABLE! Everybody was raving over the hot pink ones that have bows...but I just can't get on board.

 { 2 }
Part of my hiatus you can read about here....I'll give you a little big hint.

 { 3 }
If you love killer, way affordable, can't live without lip liner, then you better get this. Perfect for Fall...and will make those lips look KILLER. Promise. I think it actually makes mine look a bit bigger...you know without spending $600 for injections. I am also highlighting some of my favorite glosses to pair with it here.

{ 4 }
In regards to item #2...I can't tell y'all how freaked out I got over just asking momma friends about bottles. HOLY COW. I know every baby is different but wow. There were several brands that stuck out so we will register for those this weekend. And yes, I DO plan on breastfeeding, but I like to have all my bases covered should it not work out.

{ 5 }
What are y'alls' thoughts on SNS Dip nails vs gel nails? I got the dip last Saturday and part of one nail chipped at the corner. Talk about irritated. Don't get me wrong, my nail lady is GREAT. I just don't think my nails hold the dip very well. Let me know what you think & your experiences.

I hope y'all have a FABULOUS weekend!! It feels good to be back. Be sure to leave some love.


August 2017: Montana/Glacier National Park Vacation

I can't even begin to describe my love for Montana. This summer was my second trip, and it was nothing short of fabulous. B's parent's flew in from NC & all met up with the majority of the Montana crew (aunts, uncles & cousins). His mom is originally from Great Falls. We started our trip with a stay in Glacier National Park. Side note: I have THE best aunt/uncle "in laws." They spoil us rotten with AMAZING food, the best hosting, & laughs for days. We love you Jill, Kari, Bob, & Randy!!

I have heard a lot of people say, "Montana? Why are you taking a vacation to Montana?" Ummmm, have you been there?! This was my first time in Glacier, and it was the most amazing experience. As I have gotten older, I have come to really admire & be in total awe of what awesomeness we have right here in our own "backyard." Sure, you can travel to Europe or white sandy beaches, but nothing compares to seeing huge mountains rise up out of nowhere, see wildlife that you wouldn't normally see, and experience people/ways of life right here in our very own US of A. Get out there, y'all!! It's amazing & I can't preach it enough. You can't find a love for something you've never experienced for yourself. I'll step off my national park soap box now. HEHE! I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Entering East Glacier.

Lake Mary (east side of Glacier)

I loved this field of flowers. They matched my shirt perfectly.

'Indian Paintbrush'

Can you spot the billy goats?

This guy was too cute. He was totally posing.

Mountain goats!!

I am dying to go back. A week after, on the same trail where most of these pictures were taken, "The Highline Trail," a guy ran right into a grizzly in the narrowest part of the trail. He had to jump down about 5-6ft down off the side and hide. It was INSANE. The grizzlies were pretty rampant so some trails were closed due to bear activity. We did not see any (much to my dismay -- I REALLY wanted to get one on camera from a safe distance), but we were armed with our bear spray. 

Have you been to Glacier? What trails have you done? You really need a week in the park to really get your fill and get some miles on those hiking shoes. 


The most affordable lip liner you NEED.

Happy Tuesday!! This weekend kicked my butt. We had friends in town from Thursday to Sunday and had a fabulous time. Sunday night we had a concert and didn't make it home until almost 12. Add a 5:30am workout in on Monday morning andddddd stick a fork in this momma. Anyways, back to why I am writing you today.

You need this lip liner. It will be the best $0.99 you ever spent. No, really. Most lip liners are on the shorter side....for what you pay & the color you get, it's amazing. I paired it with a clear gloss, this Urban Decay gloss (Lindsey Regan Thorne raves about this & I couldn't agree more! Go follow her on Insta. You won't be disappointed), and this Lorac gloss. Let me tell you, it looks good with EVERYTHING.

I found this lip liner through Cam Wimberley's (Southern Charmer) Instagram post. Probably the realest person & mom to be I've ever followed...follow her. She's HYSTERICAL. I picked it up at my local grocery store (I'm not kidding) and I have totally fallen in love. I have a smaller upper lip, and the liner helps it look fuller. It is really pretty and think it is a GREAT buy for Fall. Even though I love my higher end make up, I still am not afraid to throw in drug store brands.

So check it out and let me know what you think! I promise your husband won't question your $0.99 spend. ;)


Did you see the announcement?

We are SO excited about adding to our family. It has been a long time coming which I will blog about at a later date. I thought I'd give a quick recap of what's going on. As a first time momma, I have been bad about documenting. But here I am to hold myself accountable on this blog. I have it all in my head, but it surely needs to be documented from here on out. It may not be every week...but every other week? We'll see. Some people get overloaded with these posts, and I certainly don't want to annoy you.

How far along: 14 weeks today 
Due Date: March 22, 2018
Baby is the size of: Peach 
Gender: Boy -- Lord help me!!
Name: We have an idea of a name...but we (me!) aren't for sure. Brian really loves it I think.  
Symptoms: Nothing too terrible. I am already out of breath super easy. I never got sick (Thank you Lord!!) but always felt really yuck if I didn't always eat.
Movement: Not yet!
Cravings/Aversions: Queso & cheeseburgers....oops! Aversions: Pork in general.... 
Missing anything: Wine! 
Maternity Clothes: None right now. I am REALLY going to try and not buy maternity clothes. I haven't bought much of anything lately because I am afraid I won't be able to wear it in a month. So you may not see any OOTD posts any time soon.  

Nursery: HA! This is funny. We are in a 2 bedroom apartment, and it is my daily struggle of what in the world we are going to do. I do not want to give up a guest room because a. Grandparents and b. BFFs. We'll see what happens.
Looking forward to: Cooler weather!
I'll be back with more details & recap of our trip to Montana this summer. I need to get back into the groove of blogging.  


Finally Friday!

Every time Friday rolls around, I think of that George Jones song "Finally Friday." Anybody else? I remember it always being played on the morning radio shows on my way to work when I commuted. I digress. I'm rounding up my 5 on Friday!

So I know I am behind on this but my husband & I just started watching Breaking Bad. It is INSANE. At times it can be gory but at the same time SCARY. Holy crap, that guy Tuco?! I had to pull the covers over my head because he was SCARY. What are y'all's thoughts?

I picked up a couple things from Ulta this week when I went in to get my eyebrows waxed. {They actually do a pretty good job!!} I can never go in there for just one thing. Ulta is just like Target for me. I have a list but I come out with ohhhh 10 extra things. Oops!

Did you catch my post on #NSale Early Access picks? The site crashed yesterday as I'm sure ALL of you know, and it was just insane. I only picked up one item from the actual sale and then another top. I may go in to the store this weekend. I like to try stuff on first especially for brands I don't wear often.

I have been looking into the iPhone 7+. Is the camera really all that much better than the 6+? I heard that it also is waterproof up to a certain depth/time. I may upgrade before our trip to Montana but wanted to get some opinions first.

My 30th birthday is around the corner & I am just not sure what I want. I always have a list running in my head but I think since it's such an epic birthday, it needs to be something special. How did y'all celebrate or what would/did you ask for? All my friends (minus 1) are turning 30 this year in a matter of 8 months. I can't believe it.

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!


#NSale 2017 Picks!

I am not your average blogger. I was not up in the middle of the night crafting my post and buying crazily from the #NSale. But there are LOTS of good stuff. I am sure you have read many or seen lots of posts already about it. And you will continue to probably until it is over. Every blogger is talking about it. I thought I'd share a few of my picks that I liked. Early access opened today through July 20th with a Nordstrom debit or credit card. It will open to the public July 21-August 6.


S W E A T E R S  &  J A C K E T S


A T H L E T I C  W E A R


B E A U T Y  &  S K I N CA R E

Happy Shopping y'all! And be sure to let me know what you are getting.


Fiesta! Fiesta!

Happy Monday friends! Having 4th of July on a Tuesday really puts a damper on the "long" weekend especially if you have to work today. But it's one of the BEST holidays! I have my red shorts ready for tomorrow. I can't wait. I was thinking how last year at this time we were in Boone for a long week with my parents. I am missing the cooler weather that's for sure.

This past weekend, B and I hit up an old favorite to grab beers and pizza. It was fun but LORD was it HOT. It's been in the 100s here lately. Wearing an easy breezy top was key. This super fun top from Loft was PERFECT. It doesn't cling to you, the colors are so pretty, and it's "off the shoulder" but you get to wear a regular bra! I'll be the first to tell you, pulling on a strapless bra, with sweat running down your back is just not cute. Don't deny yourself....I know you've been there.

The shorts are old, but Old Navy has them again this year. I would suggest sizing up if you don't particularly like a tighter fit on your legs. That's the last thing I want in a jean short. Although, I've heard they do stretch out in the leg a little bit the more you wear them. These sandals....I loved them so much I bought them in both colors (here & here). They are 20% off with code 'JULY4' making them a STEAL. Yes, they are super comfy!! And the sunglasses...you've heard me talk about the brand Quay over and over. I'm just obsessed.

Our countdown to vacation has started, and I am so anxious to go. It's like we are waiting all summer before all the vacay fun starts. It will be WORTH it. You can read about some of the things I've picked up for it, here. I hope everyone has a wonderful and SAFE July 4th. Thanks for reading!!


Five on Friday -- Life Lately

Hello Friends! How's everybody's summer going so far? I feel like we've been going nonstop with just life and work. Nothing all too much fun.

Our summer travel doesn't start until the beginning of August with a trip to Montana with the first part of our trip staying near Glacier National Park. We will be with B's family, and I am SO excited. We were in Montana a couple years ago and didn't get the chance to go to Glacier so I am REALLY excited.

I've stocked up on some essentials for hiking while we're there. I actually got the shorter Patagonia shorts in the color "Craft Pink." I love these shorts because they are quick dry. 

T W O 
I also just  recently got a new pair of Quay Australia sunglasses. I am obsessed and have been wearing them every day since I got them in the mail. 

I just started Whole 30 this week. I have been doing OK but Lord it is TOUGH and so aggrivating looking at every label of every food you pick up. Needless to say, I am OVER guacamole. This whole week I've had guacamole on everything. Any tips or tricks or good recipes from anyone who has done Whole 30? I am following along on Instagram with the Whole 30 feed and the Whole 30 recipes. Oh, and these are fixing my sweet tooth!!!

But seriously, is this not the truth?

F I V E 
I am transitioning to a new job so it has been hectic to say the least. I will be doing a little more traveling so I am excited about that. I am still with my company just a new area. So sorry for the radio silence!! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend & thanks for stopping by!!!


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