Early gift from the Easter Bunny

So today Brian and I got up and had breakfast and then went on a cleaning spree of the apartment. We ran some errands that needed to be done and had lunch.

We made a stop at Total Wine. I usually don't like going into places like that because 1. I find them immensely overwhelming (this includes Costco and Sam's). and 2. I really only drink 1-2 different types of wine. But, I got 2 large bottles, and the Easter Bunny (aka the Beau) got my THE cutest wine pourer/stopper. I am planning on testing it out tonight for my glass or 3 of wine before we head out to dinner with some friends.

They had several colors, and they had a bird as well, but it didn't come with the stopper. I can't wait to try it tonight!

Have a wonderful weekend!



How gorgeous would this be for a rehearsal dinner??


Long time, no write!

I have been a little bit MIA. OOPS! I have been so busy since moving up here. We have had something going on all the time. I start my 3rd week of work tomorrow. It is going well. I am always busy with work or doing training so it makes the day go by quick. We went to the Zac Brown concert on Friday and then drove to Chester to go celebrate one of my girlfriend's little boy's first birthday. I will leave y'all with some pictures from throughout the past couple weeks and hope to have a better post soon! Have a great week y'all!!

OOTN: Out to dinner

Carolina vs. Furman baseball game

@ the ZBB concert

Birthday boy and his momma!



My Farewell Happy Hour

Hey everyone! It has been a minute since I last posted. With closing out at work, packing, moving, and starting a new job, I have been in a whirlwind. I am going to document my last few days and the beginning of a new job with you all in a few posts.

My co-workers at MSC did an awesome job of letting me know how much they would miss me! They threw me an awesome happy hour including props, took me out to dinner, had a going away cake for me on the last day, and of course played last day pranks!

It was very hard leaving everyone. Those people are like my family and know so much about me. However, there is always room for change in one's life. It's totally healthy in my opinion. The great things about my former co-workers is that they were so supportive of my decision and wants in life. I am very grateful for them!

Here are a few pictures for y'all to enjoy!

[my group]

[work bff. she did an awesome job hosting my happy hour!]

[the girls.]

[my work momma]

[my AWESOME cake -- run to Publix and order yourself a Dulce de Leche cake. you can thank me later]


Hope y'all enjoyed! Stay tuned for more updates. :)



Oh packing...

I started packing a little bit last week. This weekend I did some major packing and sorting and throwing out and Goodwill-ing. I came to the conclusion that I have a bunch of STUFF. However, I have no problem just tossing it out. If I haven't touched it in a while, it's going in the trash or to Goodwill. I cannot stand "stuff."

Here is what I have gathered/organized so far. My clothes are another story...

My Dad is going to be loading up my dresser, bed, mattresses in his truck and anything else I cannot fit in my car. I will be sure to take pictures once everything is packed up Friday night. I'm praying that it does not rain next Saturday while we are en route to GVegas.

I think I have pretty much everything together except for stuff that I use everyday that will be packed up at the last minute.

My work BFF is planning my going away happy hour on Thursday. I am very excited about it. She sent out the awesomest e-mail invite to all my friends at work. I will have pictures from that to share with you all too.

I am getting really excited about moving in with Brian. It is going to be so crazy and surreal. I'm ready though.

I hope y'all had a fabulous weekend. Have a great week!



It happened...

I know what you are all thinking.

No, I didn't get that!

But I took a leap and accepted a job in Beau's town. It has been a crazy whirlwind of things to do mixed in with a ton of emotions. I am so excited and scared at the same time. I am leaving my job/friends/family here in Charleston and moving to be with my boo and tackle a new job. I have already shed some tears and know I will again.

It is a very exciting time for both Brian and I. We are thrilled to be together in the same town. It has been since December of 2009 that we have been living in the same town. Crazy, right? Don't ask me how I made it this long! It has been quite a journey for us and not only that but a test of our relationship.

We cannot wait to see how everything pans out for us. I consider this the start of the rest of our lives. Call me corny! Besides, getting engaged and getting married, it is the start of OUR lives TOGETHER. Don't get me wrong. We have been together almost 3 years and getting engaged is towards the top of our list. So we'll see.

Being together in the same town, let alone living together, will make for some interesting stories here on the blog. I'm sure of it. I've never lived with a guy. I'm ready to take on this challenge.

So there you have it, my big news. I wanted to wait until people at work knew and all my friends before I shared with all of you. I am excited and ready to begin this new chapter of many.

Hope y'all had a fabulous Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday!


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