What is FOMO? I am sure many of you have heard it..."Fear of missing out." I know I experience this all too many times being that I live about 1200 miles away from all of my best girlfriends. I'll be on some platform of social media and I'll see pictures posted and ALMOST ALWAYS say "UGH! I wish I was there. I miss them."

The only way to fix that is GOMO...Eventbrite's way to crush FOMO. GOMO stands simply for Going Out More Often. Genius! If you are out having fun with other friends, spouses, boyfriend/girlfriend or family, you shouldn't be experiencing any form of FOMO.

I know that my husband and I are definitely going to be getting out a lot more. We have several concerts on the books, friends visiting, places we want to try out to eat & visit. This will be sure to keep us from sitting at home and being for lack of a better word, lame.

Eventbrite is a great way to search for festivals, events, concerts, races, etc in and around where you live or in other locations. They also make it easy for organizations to set up a place for people to buy tickets or RSVP online to events. With that being said, what are your plans for GOMO? What fun events are you rounding out your summer with? I'd love to hear what's happening in your neck of the woods.


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