Farm Weekend = Headache

Hope y'all had a great weekend. We spent Saturday night at the farm. We go every year with our group of friends. And it never disappoints. I left with a head ache on Sunday so it was a success! Here is a photo overload. Sorry not sorry in advance! I heart pictures.

The boo and myself


My fave from the weekend!

Late night line dancing with one of my BMs. 

Here we go....

Late night... obvi.

Our men! What would we do without them?!

My faves! & the hostess with the mostest in the middle!

Hope y'all have a fab week! Is it Friday yet?!


Happy New Year!!

Hope y'all had a fabulous time ringing in the New Year! We went out to dinner and had a low-key night in. It was perfect.

Today we watched and celebrated our Gamecocks win the Outback Bowl. It was a fabulous start to our year which will be filled to the BRIM.

This man here deserves MVP of the game.

Don't believe me... just watch

So HAPPY NEW YEAR. I am back to work tomorrow. Ugh! Then we are off to the farm house on Saturday for our annual weekend with all our friends. It sure to be a big weekend. All the boys together and all the girls together. Epic!


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