Life Lately: October 2017

Life has been busy. October is always a busy month for us: birthdays (3 days in a row <Brian, my sister, & her husband> + one at the end of the month <my mom>, anniversaries, Halloween, etc etc. But it is so fun. Tack on a baby brewing, and it seems our days are flying by. We've been to our church's Fall festival which I won a cake at. (!!!!) B was like "you have to do it." Well, it was me and then all these little kids and guess who's # got called first? I was slightly embarrassed but it was fun.

We spent our 4 year anniversary out to eat. It fell on a Thursday this year. We also decided to keep it low key since baby and decided no presents. It was great. We did dinner at The Peached Tortilla here in Austin. It was ramen night so I got that, and it was SPICY. B got the taco trio. We shared the bacon jam fries. Funny story: when I made the reservation it asked if it was a special occasion. I chose anniversary. Well when we were done, one of the chefs came out, introduced himself and asked how everything was. He told us to hang tight as there was a surprise coming. Immediately, my mind jumped to dessert. Well I was wrong. They brought out 2 glasses of champagne. HA! B thought it was hysterical. Needless to say, he got 2 glasses of champs! LUCKY. We wrapped our anniversary weekend with a hike. It was glorious and cool and we took the pup!

The romper I wore was a total steal last winter from Loft. Someone had returned it from what looked like online. I think I snatched it up for like $10? Well, it was a small. And I got myself in it for dinner. All the praise hands! Mommas to be....you know what I mean. I've linked a few similar options if you are interested.

As I have stated before, I have been holding back on purchasing items for myself since this belly is growing. I've picked up a few things from Loft. I got 2 packages in from them this week....needless to say all but a camisole are going back. FAIL. Argh. They were just on the smaller end of the spectrum and I didn't really LOVE them on me. But I have gotten 2 dresses and a vest from there that I am obsessed with.

Vest: Loft // Leggings: Zella // Tee: BP Similar (Nordstrom)
Monstrosity of a pregnancy pillow: Leachco

I'll be back on Thursday with a baby update -- 20 weeks. WOAH! It is flying y'all! Oh! And don't forget to pull for the Astros tonight if you're watching the World Series!! They only need one more game and nothing would make me happier to have a. a Texas team win it and b. the City of Houston NEEDS THIS! Go Astros!!

Everyone have a safe and happy Halloween!!

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