Five on Friday...I missed you!

I'm really starting back into blogging after my hiatus with a bang. This is my third post this week. I am impressed with myself. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going. TGIF!!

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Have any of y'all picked up on the loafer trend? I got these from Target and am wearing them today. Talk about COMFORTABLE! Everybody was raving over the hot pink ones that have bows...but I just can't get on board.

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Part of my hiatus you can read about here....I'll give you a little big hint.

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If you love killer, way affordable, can't live without lip liner, then you better get this. Perfect for Fall...and will make those lips look KILLER. Promise. I think it actually makes mine look a bit bigger...you know without spending $600 for injections. I am also highlighting some of my favorite glosses to pair with it here.

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In regards to item #2...I can't tell y'all how freaked out I got over just asking momma friends about bottles. HOLY COW. I know every baby is different but wow. There were several brands that stuck out so we will register for those this weekend. And yes, I DO plan on breastfeeding, but I like to have all my bases covered should it not work out.

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What are y'alls' thoughts on SNS Dip nails vs gel nails? I got the dip last Saturday and part of one nail chipped at the corner. Talk about irritated. Don't get me wrong, my nail lady is GREAT. I just don't think my nails hold the dip very well. Let me know what you think & your experiences.

I hope y'all have a FABULOUS weekend!! It feels good to be back. Be sure to leave some love.

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