The most affordable lip liner you NEED.

Happy Tuesday!! This weekend kicked my butt. We had friends in town from Thursday to Sunday and had a fabulous time. Sunday night we had a concert and didn't make it home until almost 12. Add a 5:30am workout in on Monday morning andddddd stick a fork in this momma. Anyways, back to why I am writing you today.

You need this lip liner. It will be the best $0.99 you ever spent. No, really. Most lip liners are on the shorter side....for what you pay & the color you get, it's amazing. I paired it with a clear gloss, this Urban Decay gloss (Lindsey Regan Thorne raves about this & I couldn't agree more! Go follow her on Insta. You won't be disappointed), and this Lorac gloss. Let me tell you, it looks good with EVERYTHING.

I found this lip liner through Cam Wimberley's (Southern Charmer) Instagram post. Probably the realest person & mom to be I've ever followed...follow her. She's HYSTERICAL. I picked it up at my local grocery store (I'm not kidding) and I have totally fallen in love. I have a smaller upper lip, and the liner helps it look fuller. It is really pretty and think it is a GREAT buy for Fall. Even though I love my higher end make up, I still am not afraid to throw in drug store brands.

So check it out and let me know what you think! I promise your husband won't question your $0.99 spend. ;)

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