August 2017: Montana/Glacier National Park Vacation

I can't even begin to describe my love for Montana. This summer was my second trip, and it was nothing short of fabulous. B's parent's flew in from NC & all met up with the majority of the Montana crew (aunts, uncles & cousins). His mom is originally from Great Falls. We started our trip with a stay in Glacier National Park. Side note: I have THE best aunt/uncle "in laws." They spoil us rotten with AMAZING food, the best hosting, & laughs for days. We love you Jill, Kari, Bob, & Randy!!

I have heard a lot of people say, "Montana? Why are you taking a vacation to Montana?" Ummmm, have you been there?! This was my first time in Glacier, and it was the most amazing experience. As I have gotten older, I have come to really admire & be in total awe of what awesomeness we have right here in our own "backyard." Sure, you can travel to Europe or white sandy beaches, but nothing compares to seeing huge mountains rise up out of nowhere, see wildlife that you wouldn't normally see, and experience people/ways of life right here in our very own US of A. Get out there, y'all!! It's amazing & I can't preach it enough. You can't find a love for something you've never experienced for yourself. I'll step off my national park soap box now. HEHE! I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Entering East Glacier.

Lake Mary (east side of Glacier)

I loved this field of flowers. They matched my shirt perfectly.

'Indian Paintbrush'

Can you spot the billy goats?

This guy was too cute. He was totally posing.

Mountain goats!!

I am dying to go back. A week after, on the same trail where most of these pictures were taken, "The Highline Trail," a guy ran right into a grizzly in the narrowest part of the trail. He had to jump down about 5-6ft down off the side and hide. It was INSANE. The grizzlies were pretty rampant so some trails were closed due to bear activity. We did not see any (much to my dismay -- I REALLY wanted to get one on camera from a safe distance), but we were armed with our bear spray. 

Have you been to Glacier? What trails have you done? You really need a week in the park to really get your fill and get some miles on those hiking shoes. 

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