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Happy Groundhog Day! According to Punxsutawney Phil, there are 6 more weeks of winter. I beg to differ for the state of Texas. It has been BEAUTIFUL here the past week or so. Like break out your spring colors, beautiful.

This week I thought I might share some links and loves that I have recently found & thought to be interesting or funny or just loved. Kate over at The Small Things Blog does this and I really like it. It's a great way to find new stuff to read or Instagram profiles to follow.

1. I LOVE birth stories. It has really grown traction in the blog world. I am not a momma yet but this birth story had me on the edge of my seat. This lady is wonder woman in my eyes.

2. These shoes for spring and summer, please! Or now....for Valentine's Day!

3. If you are looking to try Hello Fresh, you can use code HALEYMARO for $40 off your box. We are getting our first box on Monday! Also, free delivery!

4. This video that may or may not show my mom's new pup and his brothers. Get your puppy fix!! My mom's pup is the more "red" of the bunch. He arrives next weekend to my mom.

5. I just watched the movie/documentary, 'Unbranded on Netflix. It is a really cool documentary about 4 recent Texas A&M college grads who helped to train mustangs and ride north from Mexico all the way to Canada. The scenery is beautiful & their antics are hilarious. And if you like cowboys...they're nice to look at too. Sorry B!

6. I have had a lot of fun with Stitch Fix lately. I have a bachelorette coming up & it has been a lot of fun to work with the stylist on what I would like. You can try it here. It costs $20. If you like some of the items in your box, that $20 applies to your purchase. It's free to send back also. I just love it because it's so fun to get a box of clothes in the mail. I think every girl can agree with that.

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