3M Half Marathon Recap

It was on my resolution list to do 1-2 halfs this year and knocking it out in January only seemed fitting. I learned very quickly last year that you can't take your days of running outside in Texas for granted. The heat will swallow you whole. The only way I was going to run a half in Texas was if it was cool/cold. Well, I got exactly what I asked for.

The whole weekend was pretty. Saturday it got up to 80 and was so pretty outside. I knew based on stalking the weather all week that Sunday's temperatures were going to be AWESOME. It was going to be in the 50's in the morning and warm up to the mid to high 60's. What wasn't so awesome was the 15-30mph winds that accompanied. "It will keep me cool" I thought. Yep....

Race morning arrived. I am the type of person to "hurry up & wait." I always have us to the airport and through security with at least 1.5-2 hrs before take off when we really could get by with 45mins to an hour. I am always thinking, well what if something happens and we need the extra time?! I was up at 4:55 Sunday, making my breakfast, drinking my coffee, & getting dressed. I told B that I wanted to leave no later than 10 minutes til 6. Race time was 7:30am.

It took us less than 20 minutes to get to the start line. B looked at me funny when I got out of the truck and started putting on my bib # and jacket. His words, "You want to go up there and stand around for over an hour?" ... "Well yes...I need to go to the bathroom and I want to check it out." He obliged because he knows I get anxious about big events like this.

 We walk to the start line and the wind is KICKIN! Like the flags are standing straight out, everyone is huddled up trying to stay warm or they are running back and forth to keep warm. Thank God I had brought my jacket with me. B stayed with me until about 7am and then headed back to the apartment to relax for a bit, warm up, eat, and then head to the finish line.

I started with the 2:15 pace group. I LOVED that they had pace groups. I stayed with them briefly, found my stride and took off ahead of them. It was pretty packed for the first few miles as you can imagine...(over 5000 runners). By mile 4, my stomach was not happy with me. (TMI...sorry). I slowed to a walk briefly to give my body a break & then picked back up. I stopped at mile 5 or 6 to use the bathroom at the aid station...I lost time here because there were probably 5 people ahead of me waiting. Boo!

I took back off  in efforts to make up my time which in the end, I did plus some. I remember the wind kicked up at one point and I and a few runners around were dodging flying limbs. #BadAsses. By miles 7 & 8...I was getting tired...running into head wind for the most of the race was taking its toll. I did walk/run a little bit but not for long. The last stretch of 0.20 miles was uphill with the strongest wind imaginable. My hips were killing me and I wanted to walk bad but I just put my head down and pushed through. To be totally honest, the miles were just ticking right off. It felt like my Garmin was buzzing all the time telling me my pace and that I had just finished whatever mile.

B was right before the actual finish line taking pictures, and I saw him luckily so got some good smiles in. It felt SO good to get across the finish line. My feet and hips hated me. B booked it around to meet me and gave me the biggest hug. I alllllmost cried but I didn't. The knot in my throat was there but it quickly passed. I tend to get emotional over big things....like my first half. I think it's all the adrenaline pumping & the thought that hello you just ran 13.1 miles for FUN. HA!

Overall, the race was great & I PR'ed which I was really happy about. There were lots of people cheering along the course with some GREAT signs...some political, mostly not. And of course, what always makes me smile? Dogs! There were TONS along the course and they always bring a smile to my face. Hello, dog therapy!!

Another awesome thing, which was a first for me, was that they had medic runners throughout the race. They ran the course and had a back pack full of medical items. I was running near them and any time someone would slow down and move to the side to walk, they were sure to ask them if they were okay. It was really nice and made me feel comfortable IF something were to happen. I think every race should have something like that. No matter the size!

I was sure to tell B after the race when we were walking around the finish area... "Don't let me sign up for another for a long time." and then when I got home....and had a chance to sit down...I legit started thinking about how I could beat the race time I just finished!! WHAT?! There is the Austin Half/Full in a month, but I don't think I'll be running even though I thought about it earlier this month. I would really be a glutton for punishment.

Official Results

High Country Half Marathon
Boone, NC
August 27, 2016

3M Half Marathon
Austin, TX
January 22, 2017

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