Monday: This & That

How was everyone's weekend? We were super lazy this weekend since coming off the holidays & a visit from friends last week. Doing not a whole lot was just what we needed...especially when we are almost to single digit countdown until baby. I'm asking myself how did we get here so quickly?!

Friday was pizza date night at one of our favorite places. We picked up our stroller after dinner along with a couple other things. I may or may not have practiced strolling it through the apartment. Just a tad excited! #firsttimemom Saturday & Sunday were easy going & ended with church, lunch, and Sunday grocery shopping. I'm curious, when do y'all grocery shop? B and I always go together. It's just tradition I guess? We have always done it this way, and I right enjoy it. I am seriously contemplating pick up groceries though once the babe gets here.

I did a poll on Instagram recently asking what y'all would like to see. Overall, the conclusion was more lifestyle and a definite yes to RECIPES. I've got two coming your way...one this week and probably another next week. Another request I had was some of the best drug store hauls: foundation, mascara, contours, and lipstick were requested. If you're not following me on Insta, please do! And if there is anything you'd like to see, leave me a comment and let me know.

I'll leave y'all with some good sales going on today! Be sure to check them out. I am holding off on buying all the spring clothes until baby arrives. It. is. killing. me. I want all the pastel pinks and blues. Oh and ruffles...never enough ruffles in my life.


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