Five on Friday Randoms

Good Morning!! Even though this was a short week, it felt long? Anybody else think the same? Let's hop to it with my round up with this week. This will be all over the place for sure...but I kinda like it that way.

O N E.
My mom lost 2 of her 3 labs within a week over this past summer. One was very unexpected and one we knew was coming. It was super upsetting for my mom since she is alone during the week and my dad works in Charleston (he commutes back to Boone on the weekends). Well, she did lots of research and found a breeder she was interested in. After one unsuccessful breeding, they bred another and PUPPIES!! The puppies were born on Christmas morning!!! So amazing! My mom has first pick male so these babies will be super blocky and super precious. He will come all the way from Idaho in February. We are so excited to add this pup to our family & my mom is tickled. I may just have to fly out there to get some puppy breath. I've linked their website below so you can get your fill...the pictures are STUNNING of where they live.

Momma "Honey" and all her pups.

T W O.
I had received this color corrector as a sample a while back and never re-bought even though I LOVED it. Well, I got a Sephora gift card for Christmas so I went and bought it along with a bunch of other stuff! It is awesome to put under eyes and any dark acne scarring. Both of which I have. I put it on top of my primer and tap it in. I let it dry completely and then start with the rest of my make up. 

T H R E E.
I tried out a new recipe for brussels last night. We LOVE brussels in our house. I'll be sharing the recipe next week along with pictures. Stay tuned!!

F O U R. 
Podcasts...any of y'all listen? I listened to "Serial" when it was about Adnan and his girlfriend. I was OBSESSED. Then I fell off the train. I keep hearing cool things about "Up and Vanished." Have y'all listened? I love the ones that tell stories from week to week or are geared towards women. Let me know some of y'alls faves. 

F I V E.
I shared some of my resolutions last week on a group blog that I participate in with my girlfriends, but I am going to add one more here. Take more MEANINGFUL pictures. I am awful about doing it sometimes. It can be on my DSLR or my phone. I really love to look at pictures so I just need to take more...especially for documenting here too.

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LHWinstead said...

Always love finding new blogs to follow! We love brussels sprouts too so I'll be on the look out for the recipe :)

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