Weekend Recap

This weekend I ventured to Columbia to visit Brian. Lord knows he's come to Charleston a lot the past few weeks. I actually took a long weekend and left Thursday (his Friday morning class got cancelled! :) )Thursday night we laid around and cooked dinner... I made homemade garlic mashed potatoes. It's the one thing I know by heart that was taught to me by my Grammy. Of course we had more than that, but those are quite trivial details in the grand scheme of things. Anyways, Friday night was our "date night" and we went to my old waitressing joint, Pawley's Front Porch! It is basically a beer and burger joint, but it's not your average burger. I had the Wadmalaw... It is an angus burger with fried dill pickle chips, cheddar cheese, and my favorite, BBQ sauce. There is NO need for ketchup for this burger. The BBQ sauce does the work itself. After dinner we headed to the Carolina baseball game against Ole Miss! It was my first game for the season, and Brian's first Carolina baseball game period. We had a really good time, and the people next to us were fun and entertaining. This is their second season in this ball park. It is absolutely gorgeous as you can see. (Sorry it's so big!)

(Side note: Carolina won 2 out of 3 games this weekend against Ole Miss. And we are #1 in the SEC East!! Go COCKS!!!)

The rest of the weekend we were pretty much lazy and relaxed. We did meet up with our friends, Rachel & Nick, downtown in 5 Points. Any of you who know what 5 Points is are probably thinking "OH MY GOSH! You went there??? We were all reliving our college days except Brian who still has another year left. It was definitely a fun weekend and a great getaway. I however am STILL searching for a job. I check statuses of current applications every. single. day. And I look for more jobs. People, it's down right frustrating and sometimes makes me want to spit nails. I don't want just any job... I want a BIG GIRL job... y'all know what I'm talking about. So I am trying my very hardest to be patient which isn't very easy for me. I ask that those of you who read my blog say a little extra prayer for me at night in my search for employment. I pray too, but there is POWER in prayer for sure!! I leave y'all with a picture from the weekend of Brian & me. Hope y'all had a FAB one!


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