Five on Friday: Randoms!

I don't know why but Wednesday and Thursday felt like they should have been Fridays. And thank the good Lord that it's finally here! The weekend weather is shaping up to be really pretty & I am so excited for weekends with my hubs. We are always exploring & when the weather is beautiful....there is no sitting around inside. Well, maybe for just a little bit since it is Masters weekend. We always watch on Sundays (like every 12 other billion people do). I love good reactions to a win at the Masters because it can make the most grown man boohoo like a baby a la Bubba Watson in 2012. THE BEST. Anyways, I've got just some random thoughts for y'all today. Bear with me.

I had to laugh at myself and wonder what the Amazon shipment packers thought of me. I had ordered some Nespresso pods, this all natural charcoal teeth whitener (more on that later!) & some rescue remedy (for my dog). I probably looked like a total psycho. The Nespresso pods and the teeth whitener came in the same box...how ironic? I am still loving our Nespresso and it has kept me from going to Starbucks. Honestly, I like my at home lattes a lot more.

I have recently come to the conclusion that not all people will reciprocate the effort or thoughtfulness you put into something. B (my husband) is my sounding board. I can go off on a rant about it and question everything and just be straight pissed to be frank. He always comes back with the truth but in a calm manner. He is complete opposite of me and for that I am SO grateful. The man keeps this crazy over the top lady somewhat grounded. End rant!

I have recently been on a Clinique kick. Maybe because it's the first set of makeup when you walk through the doors at my Ulta. Touché Clinique! I picked up a couple things yesterday. I also picked up a Stila blush that is a liquid. It is SO beautiful and gives a slight dewy look. I'm obsessed. I got the color, "Rosewater."

here // here // here

If you want to see something funny, I did a 5 minute makeup challenge over on the blog that my bffs' and I blog at. It was my first YouTube video. #JudgementFreeZone

I had to share this sweet picture of my Gopher. He was sitting out on the balcony just sniffing and listening to the birds this morning. It was so cute. #crazydogmom

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

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Robin said...

I don't like Starbucks as much anymore. Their coffee drinks are good but the prices are a bit ridiculous.

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