Weekend Recap + Restaurant Review: The Culinary Dropout

Happy Monday! I have a short week this week since my work is obviously closed Thanksgiving and then we also get Black Friday off. My husband is anxiously awaiting the holiday and then putting up our Christmas decorations. We've got a few new things this year to debut. Just upgrading from our first married items.

Friday night we attended the "Baby it's cold outside" date night party for the Junior League's "A Christmas Affair." We had a good time and enjoyed some tunes, cocktails, and getting dressed up!

I worked my shift for the league's holiday market on Saturday morning. It was fun and I met 2 awesome new girls who worked with me. Our league is quite large so you really do meet someone new all the time. After my shift was done, B met me at the events center and we went through the market. There were so many vendors and it was awesome. We picked up a few things ranging from earring to tamales! #Texas

We took it easy Saturday night and crashed early. Our weather was awesome this weekend with a NICE cold front. I was one happy girl to be wearing a sweater and not sweating!! Sunday we hit up a cool area in north Austin called The Domain. We ate an early lunch at a place called "The Culinary Dropout." It was a very cool atmosphere & had great decor. I only took pictures of our food, oops!

We started with the Cheddar and Potato Pierogies. They came with "crispy brussel sprouts, mustard creme fraiche, & fresh herb." They were 3 large pierogies and they were devoured. The creme fraiche was so tasty. I would probably order a double order and have those as my meal next time.

I got the grilled cheese sliders that had bacon and tomato on them. The bread was a Texas Toast. SOLD. B had the fish and chips. The fish was rock fish and was beer battered to perfection. I had a bite or two of his. We always share a couple bites! And of course we had some beverages!

We always like to rate places so we can remember when we have visitors if we want to take them or go back for ourselves!

Atmosphere: A+
Food: A
Drinks: A
Service: B+ 
(just a little slow in some areas but they were VERY friendly)
Cost: $$-$$$
Overall: A

Do you rate restaurants in your phone with your significant others or friends? Are you that person taking pictures of your food? I feel like everybody is sharing their food these days. I mean, I eat with my eyes so if it looks good, I'm taking a picture to share! And if your's looks good too, you better wait so I can get a picture. HA!

We had a great weekend and are so excited for Thanksgiving. Today is a busy day for me at work. I'm hoping Wednesday is here before I know it. Have a great week.

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