Five on Friday

So I finally updated my email to my married name...almost 6 months later. Oops? Do you know how much of a pain it is to update all your accounts that have your OLD email? My biggest fear was moving my blog over to my new email. After some Googling, I figure out how to do it whilst keeping all my previous blog posts. However, all the blogs I followed, disappeared. But wasn't GFC going away anyhow? Regardless, all the blogs I was following are still on my BlogLovin' app. Praise the Lord.

Here's my Friday Five!!

This weekend is due to be gorgeous. JUST gorgeous. Minus the fact that pollen is everywhere...I can't wait to get out and be in the sunshine, work in the yard, play with the pups, play some cornhole with my hubby, and indulge in a few cocktails. Ya with me?

We are headed to CHARLESTON for Easter weekend! Y'all, I can't wait. I haven't seen my parents in a while and we are spending Thursday through Monday. Nothing makes me happier than being there. All my friends, all my family, beautiful weather, & FOOD. This girl loves to eat. ;)

We are running a small 5K at our YMCA at the end of this month. We ran the course a week or so ago. I'm dead. Hills just totally gas me. I am totally a flat land girl. I don't do hills. And the below is embarassing considering I usually run at least a 10 minute mile. I guess this means I need to run outside more. (yes, I run on the "dreadmill.")

This month marks 6 months of being married (the 26th to be exact). How is that even possible?! Wasn't it just yesterday?? It has been so fun being wife. This man is a hoot & I love him more and more each day. Are you gagging yet? ;)

Seriously, do yourself a favor and check her out!! & her cute personal blog too!

It is clearly wedding season. And if I see another post of someone on their honeymoon, I am going to scream with envy. I want a pool, room service, and a tan! Is that too much to ask?! Honeymoons rock & I want to go on another. Congratulations to all the brides & grooms out there!!!

Hope y'all have had a fabulous week! I'm counting down until 5:00!! Enjoy your weekend!!


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