Let's talk bras...

Hi ladies! I hope y'all are doing well. This weekend has been pretty good. I have been fighting a 3 day headache. My Ibprofen hasn't touched it. And unfortunately, they recalled Excedrin Migraine which is THE ONLY THING that helps. I didn't know this. Hopefully they get everything squared away and back on the shelves. I can't be without it.

So I have a bit of a rant/dilemma/call it what you may. All my girlfriends who know me, know that the Lord has blessed (if that's what you want to call it) me to be with the girls. I am not on the scale of Dolly Parton (GOOD LORD)... but my girlfriends refer to my bras as "boulder holders." Yes, I kid you not. I laugh because it's true.

The other night I was in Target. I was in dire need of some bras so I started perusing the bra section. As I went down each aisle, I became for irritated.
Let me ask you something...


Last time I remember, big boobs are no where near "grandma." I'm 25 years old. I refuse to wear these grandma looking bras. I do like full coverage because these girls can spill over. I mean really? But a little lace or something doesn't hurt. 

I finally found some "push-up" bras with a bit of lace on them, but it was like finding a needle in a hay stack. I know what you are thinking, "Why doesn't she go to Victoria's Secret?" Well because I am not paying $60 or more for a bra that doesn't last. 

So for all you girls who want big boobs.... it comes with its drawbacks with EVERYTHING. Those little backless dresses, forget it. You think they make bras like that for girls like me? Heck no. I'd be better off duck taping these girls up. Cute strapless bathing suits... forget it. You get my drift. 

I really should go into the business of making bras for us girls who have the "boulders" and bathing suits while I'm at it. I guess they think that girls stop growing boobs once they hit a "C." WRONG.

Anyways, I had to get that out. I know my girlfriends who are reading this are probably dying laughing. They know my strife. 

So if anyone knows a place to get non-grandma bras at a reasonable price for girls like me... holler at your girl! 

Hope y'all have a great week! 



Dani said...

I feel your pain. I deal with the same stuff. For the most part I have had ZERO luck finding quality anywhere but Victoria's Secret or Nordstrom (and those are some outrageous prices). However, I recently found a fairly good racerback bra at Kohls. Maybe that's worth a shot?

Codie Bartley said...

I have the exact same problem, but I have found a brand I LOVEEEEE. Cacique. The only place I know that carries them is Lane Bryant. They aren't really just for plus sizes though. I'm a 38DD, but their sizes range from 36C - 50DDD (I think!). They have a lot of different styles. My favorite "comfy" one if the smooth balconette one, it comes in some cute prints too! Anyhow, hope this helps!

Lifes-A-Blog... said...

I completely understand GF! Its so annoying. Even though my boos are bigger, I still want the cuteness of a little 32a bra. Why must a bra for my size look like an ugly, bulky tank top? Lane Bryant bras are really good like someone else mentioned, they can get a little pricey, but they always have coupons out and they do something similar to "Kohls Cash" so you can get 2 supportive and cute bras for about $40-$50.

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