Losing all my wisdom...

Teeth that is. All four to be exact. Tomorrow at 9:30, they are all coming out. Say a little prayer for me. Surgery is never fun. Thank goodness for pain meds. What a wonderful start to the week, right?


Dana Hamilton said...

Awww I remember that very well. I believe it was Christmas break of my freshman year or something like that.
Just enjoy being waited on hand and foot!!!!!!! I think I would do it just to get pampered haha

We will say a lil prayer in the am!

janeaustenprepster said...

Good Luck! I had mine out on August 1st and it was my first surgery. Get lots of rest and make some Jello!

I'll send up a prayer in the morning.

Jodie said...

Good luck!! I'll be sending you prayers! I had pizza two days after I got mine removed!! I wish for you a speedy recovery!!

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