Wednesday Where Abouts: Waco!

So this post is a bit delayed seen as how we visited Waco over the Christmas holiday but nonetheless, I wanted to share for y'all! And let's be real here...there's only one reason I went to Waco...to check out Magnolia Market!!! If you aren't sure what Magnolia Market is, google it or just watch Fixer Upper on HGTV. I love love love Jo and Chip. Everything they do is beautiful and totally my style. 

Here are a few pictures from our quick trip there. 

The Silos!! 
All the feels, y'all! They are in the heart of downtown old Waco 
and they. are. stunning!

They had this cute old timey jeep like car with a Christmas tree strapped on top parked right under the silos. 

 The store itself

In between downpours! 
I didn't get to shoot a lot of the outside which is really so pretty because a HORRIBLE store came up out of nowhere.

Up close & personal.
I am thinking about sending this picture to Framebridge to have them frame! 

Unfortunately, a Joanna & Chip siting did not happen but I did ask. I think they are the neatest couple and just totally down to earth from what you see on tv. And Chip, his goofiness is so attractive. Hope y'all enjoyed these. Have you been to Waco?? I am dying to go back when it's pretty out. 


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