Five on Friday


Hey y'all! It's FINALLY Friday! Has this week not just totally drug by!? I think so. Now only if the weekend will go by like molasses I'll be doin' just fine.

{1} International Delight Southern Butter Pecan creamer...Y'ALL! If you are a coffee drinker; add this to your grocery list for this week because you need to try it. I have been enjoying it since Thanksgiving 2013 & haven't looked back. It's amazing. Trust me. 

{2} Is it just me or is it baby season?! Holy Moly. Every social media platform I am on is flooded with baby announcements, more so than engagements I think. I don't know what it is but there are lots of babies! Must be something in the water! Watch out girls. ;)

{3} I am running my second Floppin Flounder 5K tomorrow, and I am pretty excited. 2 of my very best girlfriends are running it for the first time and so is my husband. I am pumped and looking to beat my horrible slow time from last year. Just praying that the humidity is easy on me. If any of my readers are there, be sure to say hi!

{4} I am very interested in getting a Fiddle Leaf Fig for our house; however, I have heard they are super temperamental, and you really have to be careful with them because they aren't cheap. Does anyone have one? Can you tell me how you keep yours alive?

{5} Not only is today Friday, but it's also NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY! I think Krispy Kreme's are the best. Hands down. Don't even try to argue with me, mmkay?! Just kidding; I will say the Dunkin' has some dang good coffee! Make sure to go get your free doughnut and maybe buy one extra for later. ;)

Hope y'all have a great weekend! 



A Simple Southern Life said...

I'm going to try that coffee creamer the next time I need some. It's right down my alley! Right now I'm obsessed with international delights caramel macchiato.. So yummy!!

karli @ farmer & the bell said...

hey gal! i am contacting people that linked up in the last 5 on friday linkup...that has since been put on hold for the summer. well...if you were interested, a friend of mine and i are starting it back up! the first one will be live this friday morning! prepare your post! :) it's going to be called "oh hey, friday!" it'll be the exact same rules. write about five anythings. hope to see you there! karli from http://farmerbell.blogspot.com

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