Let's talk stippling!

Do y'all know what "stippling" is? Because I can guarantee y'all, I didn't know and definitely had to Google it and Youtube it. I had heard about stippling brushes and how they were awesome for applying your makeup to get that dewey/airbrushed look. Well y'all, every thing I started to find said "take your brush and move it in a stippling motion." HELLO!? I don't even know what a stipple is. Can you show me?! That's when I turned to trusty ole' YouTube for the win. Shasta Anne helped me figure out this whole "stippling" thing. Thanks lady!


After seeing how to use the brush, I was hooked. I happened to run into Target for some miscellaneous things, and promised my husband I wouldn't peruse around while he waited in the car. (There's a good reason they named it Target because it sucks. you. in. I swear I could LIVE there.) Well I stumbled walked by the make up section & boom! There it was. A stippling brush by E.L.F.  for a whopping $3 dollhairs. Sold. No if's, and's or but's about it. I snapped up the Small Stippling Brush and didn't look back. Mainly because I knew if I took any longer my husband would know that I was "perusing." Below you can see a picture. It is a combo of short & longer brush hairs.

I went home and used it the next morning before work with my concealer/blush. It was fabulous, and I definitely noticed a difference in the way my makeup went on and appeared after I was done. I LOVE IT. I am hoping to snag the larger stippling brush so I can use for my foundation/powder. Coming from a girl who really has no idea what she's doing with makeup, it's easy to use and play around with.

E.L.F. (Eyes. Lips. Face.) is a great way to try out new things, especially brushes, if you A. Don't know what you are doing & B. Don't want to spend a lot of money at first. You can't beat $3 for a makeup brush!! You can shop all their goodies here or check out your local Target.

This is not a sponsored post. E.L.F. has no idea who I am.

Happy stippling y'all!


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Sara Lynn said...

I love ELF makeup!! I figured there was no way it would be good for so cheap, IT IS! :)

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