Wedding Tuesday

Hello blog friends!! I have once again failed at posting regularly. B & I have been going non-stop. Literally. Every weekend it’s SOMETHING. I seriously can’t wait for the wedding planning to be done with. I think our lives will simmer then. Fingers crossed.
In the world of wedding planning, we have had some BIG changes…. Oh you know, like changing my wedding venue 7 months out. Yes you read that right. Let’s just say that our previous venue, had a bit of a business disagreement with its business partners and it sent me over the edge. Soooo, we are now getting married at the Cooper River Room in Mt. Pleasant! Wooo! It’s gorgeous and ON. THE. WATER. underneath the Cooper River Bridge. That may sound gross to those not from the Lowcountry…. But if you are from Charleston, then you know how important that bridge is to us and all its beauty! So that is all the drama surrounding that. I am just glad to have everything in place now.
The View...
Where the reception will be held...
We have met with our minister and that went great. I think he is going to do an awesome job. When we met with him after church, we went over everything pretty much. He even had all the vows printed and ready to go. So we know EXACTLY how the ceremony is going to run. Easy peasy. And I loved everything that he put in that I wanted extra. He is a dear friend to my Dad and just know he will make our ceremony.
We have chosen our cake baker & our caterer. I am waiting to get the revised quote from our caterer and sign off on that. We met with the caterer last week and they were so thorough. We had 2 tastings that day with 2 different caterers and the first one just blew us away with their attention to detail. They asked us questions that we hadn’t even thought of. I know they are going to do an awesome job on our wedding day.
I had my dress fitting. So I am waiting to hear when I can pick that up. I just love my dress. I think it’s going to be awesome and honestly COMFORTABLE on the day of the wedding.
I have all the hair/makeup appointments nailed down for the day of the wedding. Once I hear back about my when my dress will be done, I am going to book my trial run and then book my portraits. I am getting married in October. Doing my portraits in August or September is NOT an option. It is hotter than seven hells in Charleston come August…and forget breathing the humidity is so bad. So I am choosing early Spring. I think it will be awesome. And that’s one less thing I have to worry about come closer to the wedding.
I think that’s it as far as wedding updates go. I need to look into invites. That scares me. They are so dang expensive and people throw them away once the wedding has come and gone. I digress…I’ll get to them.
We have our first couples shower in 2 weeks thrown by some of my bridesmaids. I am so excited. Can’t wait to see what they put together.
Y’all have a great week!


Brianna Tucker said...

That is so stressful to have to change your venue but the new one looks amazing. I grew up in Charleston and I would have loved to have a wedding there if I still lived there when I got married!

Lifes-A-Blog... said...

OMG! Sucks you had to change your venue, but your new location is great! I love the bridge to, even though I'm scared of heights. Lol. Your pictures on the day of your wedding will look STUNNING with the bridge in the background! *squeals like 13 yr old at a Bieber concert* Is it weird that I'm extremely excited for you? No? good!

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