Being a grown up...

...means you buy a house right?

Well that's what B & I have been up to lately. Searching, looking, and finally finding one we like. We have been in the crazy process of getting contracts together and gathering our entire financial lives. CRAZY. It is a full time job preparing yourself to buy a house.

All the while, I am also planning a wedding. We are hoping to close on our house November 30th. We will be in it before Christmas and long before we get married. It will be nice to already be settled with that and not have to worry about that after the wedding. Searching for a home is stressful.

Anyways, today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday! I am READY for the weekend.

We have a wedding on Saturday and then we are going to attempt taking on Bed Bath & Beyond to register.  I am most excited about registering.

Hope y'all are doing fab and have a great ending to your week.


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