It happened!

Well girls, I can finally say it. The beau proposed and I said ...


It happened on Tuesday, August 21st. I was definitely NOT expecting it at all. 

Brian and I had been emailing & calling each other all day just about some stuff that was going on. The last time I called him, he sounded really irritated. He told me he got slammed with some work stuff and was just really busy. I thought nothing of it because his work can get extremely busy a lot of times. 

5 o'clock rolls around and I book it out of work. I was just ready to hurry up and get home and get some stuff done. I get home and am rushing to get in the apartment so I can let Gopher out. I do this everyday without fail. So I unlock and open the door and it is dark in our apartment. There are candles EVERYWHERE. Then I notice that there are glow in the dark stars in like a path on the ceiling to my room. I walk into the hall way and all the love notes/cards I had ever written B are on the walls and doors. I knew exactly what was happening and was FREAKING OUT in my head.

I opened my door and he was there with Gopher (who helped him out with moral support -- he was nervous). He gave me his shpeal and got down on one knee. I started crying of course and freaked out!! 

It was a whirlwind that night. We had lots of calls to make and lots of texts to answer. 

To say that I am excited is an understatement. 

I will be sure to keep y'all as updated as possible with everything. I am already freaking out trying to figure everything out. I may or may not do things out of order sometimes. Oops!

So I know y'all are dying for pictures so here are two. The camera phone does not do my ring justice. I may be biased, but I have never ever seen something sparkle so much. 

That's all for today, ladies!

We are off to a wedding in Clemson tonight. Lord help us with all those Clemmie's! J/K
Can you tell we're both Gamecocks??


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Lifes-A-Blog... said...

Congratulations!! That ring is fabulous! Can't wait to keep on reading your blog...up to the current date of course and see all the pretty pictures of your wedding planning!

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