"No Russ, it's going in our house."

I like to think my mom over-does it on the Christmas tree. Each year it gets bigger and bigger and fatter and fatter. Don't think I'm a scrooge, but a HUGE tree is A LOT OF WORK which I am called upon to help string the lights, decorate, water, take down, unstring lights, and help Daddy get it out at the end of the season. I love Christmas! It is my favorite time of year. I just think a short FAT tree would be just as good! If any of you have seen the Griswald Family Christmas, you can understand the title of this post.

Here are 2 pictures taken with my Blackberry (pardon the quality).
We are on the homestretch now for Christmas!

View from upstairs.


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Newlyweds: Dana and Patrick said...

OMG!!!!! That tree is outrageous!!!!

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