Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

I start my new job at Mediterranean Shipping Company tomorrow at 8AM sharp. I will be working in the exporting department, and I am so excited. The Lord has answered my prayers and put me where he wants me to be. Today I did a little shopping for some "business" clothes. You know, black skirt and crisp white button down. However, it is short sleeve!! It is hotter than blue blazes these days. I have always liked this look. I think it gives off a professional clean, crisp look. And I love looking the part. ;) I will update y'all on how the first day went. I'm excited and NERVOUS!

Brian came into town this weekend, and it was WONDERFUL! Our one year anniversary is on the 26th and he and I had been talking about our presents to each other. Needless to say we are not good at waiting to give gifts to each other. I gave him a Flip UltraHD video camera. He was ecstatic. I received a gorgeous green amethyst ring set in white gold! I love it. He is always so wonderful to me. We still will celebrate our anniversary with dinner...with our early gifts. I will post pictures of my ring as soon as I take pictures with camera. The phone pictures are too grainy.

Hope y'all had an awesome weekend. xoxo

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