1 year anniversary.

This weekend Brian and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary! (Note: our actual anniversary is Monday the 26th. But clearly we can't celebrate tomorrow as we both work and live in different cities.) What a year it has been. It has been one of the best and most fun years of my entire life. Brian sent me flowers to work on Friday. They are just gorgeous! I love them so much. Brian knows that I am big on mixed flowers and he always does a wonderful job picking out flowers for me. Friday night after I got off work, we met up with my new coworkers and had happy hour and then went to dinner with some of our friends. Saturday we went to the beach, just him and me. It was super fun and we got to talk about all kinds of stuff. We are serious and ready to take the next step but have decided it's best to wait until he's out of school with a job. Saturday night we went to an awesome dinner at Red Drum Gastropub. AMAZING FOOD! We did the works: bottle of wine, dinner, and dessert! Afterwards we walked the beach and laughed and enjoyed the quiet time we had. I actually got my anniversary present early from him a couple weeks ago because I had picked it out and well he just couldn't say no. :) Even though, I told him to wait. HEHE! Here is my ring...it is a green amethyst. The way it is set it almost looks clear. It has a hint of green. I LOVE IT! Needless to say, the weekend was fabulous. He is so good to me and I love him very much! I hope y'alls weekend was great too. Have a happy Monday! xoxo

Here is a picture of us right before we left for dinner Saturday night. I completely forgot to include it.

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