Okay, so a couple weeks ago I had HAD IT with my hair. Color, length, EVERYTHING. That day I was determined to get seen and get my mane taken care of. I had started going to Stella Nova and had only gone once before. I really liked the way the girl cut my hair my first time seeing her. Well of course she wasn't available that day for a cut and color so I went with the next available girl! MISTAKE! She was cute and had great style. However, I HATE how short my hair is and the way the cut looks (dull). The picture I gave her (which I don't even have the patience to look up at the moment) was easy. It was a front on head shot look--Sandra Bullock was looking straight into the camera and you could see the way the hair was exactly cut and the way it fell around the face. It had layers and was texturized. Her ends even looked razored which is something I love. It gives your hair an edgy look. Y'all, I have a BOB! A BOB! I got bangs so that helps a little...but really. I'm almost 23, and I have a bob. It looks great on some people don't get me wrong. But if you know me, then you know I have a ROUND face with full cheeks. A bob only adds to the fullness of face. Are you picking up what I'm laying down here? My face looks fatter than it is! UGH! The only thing I can do to my hair that I'm satisfied with is to straighten it. Stick straight hair. I tease the roots a bit to give it some height but other than that...s-t-r-a-i-g-h-t. I hate using a hot iron on my hair because my hair is so breakage prone, and I do love BODY! I guess I will just have to wait until my hair starts growing out. It even feels super thin...thinner than it already is. I don't like that. To put it short and sweet: I hate my hair and wish I never CUT it but simply TRIMMED it. Alas, it will grow back. I just need the patience to wait on it to grow back. This too shall pass as my mom always says. Anyways, I had to vent. I've just been totally hating it. Blah. What are y'alls hair disasters??


Newlyweds: Dana and Patrick said...

I love love love bobs!!! BUT, you do have a round face and full cheeks so you don't need something that rounded...you need more layers at the bottom. She is an idiot for not looking at the picture close enough. Sandra has NEVER had a bob.

Well I'm sure you still look hot!!! Can't wait to see it...you may just be thinking it looks worse then it does. Did you do any color change?

Haley Stafford said...

I went darker...more of a BROWN than RED. I HATE RED.

Katie said...

I left you something on my blog!

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