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I started this post yesterday, but Monday just totally kicked my butt. So here we are Tuesday! Seriously, weekends are just too short. Regardless, this week will be flying since it is a short week for us. We fly to CHARLESTON (my hometown for those of you who don't know) on Friday BRIGHT & EARLY for one of my best friend's weddings!

I thought I'd share briefly with y'all weekend outfits. It got a bit chilly & windy this past weekend in Austin. We were supposed to have friends in town this weekend, but unfortunately they couldn't make it last minute.We were bummed!!

Friday night we did a little date night and tried out El Burro over off S. Lamar. I wouldn't recommend it. We walked over to The Alamo Drafthouse bar call The Highball. It was neat and we definitely want to come back and watch a movie there. They have dinner & cocktails & reallyyyyy nice chairs from what I hear. I was dying to wear some of my purchases from Loft.

I feel like I could have gone down a size in the shorts. Lately, I feel like Loft is running a bit large on me (but hey that isn't a bad thing right?!). These shorts a ridiculously comfortable & they are nice and cool for the hot summer that's ahead. You could dress these up even more or dress them down. It's your choice. Very versatile. And the top, get 'em y'all. They just go with everything. I picked up another in the color "Light Prairie Blue."

Since Saturday was Earth Day, I wanted to get out and walk Town Lake with Gopher. We grabbed coffees on the way. It was a little misty and windy, but it lightened up and we had a nice time walking and talking. Usually every time we are at Town Lake, we are out running. It was really nice to spend time that way. We ended up doing 4 miles round trip and Gopher was TIRED. He is normally the kind of dog who stands up the ENTIRE car ride. On the way home, he laid down. HA! He is technically a "senior," but he is still pretty spry.

Saturday was spent at two new breweries, Live Oak Brewing & Friends and Allies. Live Oak was beautiful because it was surrounded by, you guessed it, Live Oaks. It's right near the airport and really pretty. They have the industrial string lights through the oaks with lots of picnic tables. It would be so nice to go at night when it wasn't so blustery. Only thing here...no dogs allowed. Sorry guys!

I recently bought this sweater from Loft. I was thinking to myself, Haley, you're in Texas. You aren't going to be wearing this anytime soon. Well guess what!? Saturday proved worthy of this summer sweater. It is soft and not itchy at all. The stitch in it is large so it gives you that beachy feel. 

Friends and Allies was our last stop and it was pretty cool. They were having their grand opening. It was PACKED. And if you want to bring your dog...this is the place. Dogs were EVERYWHERE. I was in heaven.

I am thinking about doing a haul on some recent items I've purchased from Sephora & Ulta. Stay tuned for that later this week.

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