My new endeavor

Well ladies, I have taken on a new endeavor, and it is quite the endeavor if I do say so myself. No no no. I didn't get a new job. I have taken on running. Yes, running. Why? Well for many reasons: A. To lose some lbs... (college seems to still be hanging around; I graduated almost 2 yrs ago) B. I need to get in shape and C. I want to be able to run a race without stopping. I don't care if it's a 5k or 10k. I want to do it.

Today I started the Couch to 10K app on my iPhone.

I read the reviews and the people just raved. I am giving it a shot for a whopping $2.99. Can't beat that can you? This training app coaches you over a 13 week period. I chose 10K because I want to be able to at least run 6 miles without stopping. I figure that's a good start if I want to run any longer distances. I mean, if I can do this training I've got in front of me then perhaps I'll do the infamous Cooper River Bridge Run this year. Who knows?!

On my first sesh today, it was a combination of running 30 seconds and walking 4 minutes & 30 seconds. I did this for a total of 41 minutes. I think that I went well over 2 miles today. That is the only bad thing about the app. It doesn't tell you your mileage. I'm going to have to calculate it myself I suppose. No biggie. This "trainer" wants you to have a day of rest in between each training session so that your body has a chance to recover. It doesn't seem like it's all that hard but when it's almost 90 out and the humidity is at its highest....GOOD LORD. The bottoms of my feet are sore. I tried to power walk during those intervals. I think that's why they are sore.

Anyways, this is my new endeavor. I am excited about it and anxious to see some results. If y'all have any suggestions on anything, feel free to comment. I could use all the help I can get. :)

Hope y'all had a fabulous Labor Day.

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